What do yo pack in the dry bag?

where to get iodine

– Last Updated: Jun-30-07 11:23 PM EST –

go here to get the iodine crystals with instructions:
scroll down the page to find them

But the bottle is too big to fit in the mini-kit...go to your local pharmacy and ask if you can get a bottle that contained nitroglycerin...you have to have an rx for nitro, just tell the pharmacist you will pay for the bottle of nitroglycerin, have him/her dump the nitro--you just want the bottle...remembering that water, whether it is 2ml (cc's) or 100 will eventually supersaturate....
This little bottle will fit in the mini-kit. You will only need a small number of crystals in this little bottle, say 1/8 to 1/10 the volume of the bottle....save the instructions that came with the big bottle and memorize them.
When you use this tec. DO NOT drink the crystals, make sure they stay in the bottle....the large bottle of crystals can treat literally thousands of gallons of water, the small bottle for your kit probably several hundred.

As has been mentioned in the past do not use iodine if allergic to I-, shellfish,are pregnant, or have thyroid disorder....

Lastly, here is a pic of the small bottle in the mini PSK