What do yo pack in the dry bag?

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For a day touring trip?

What other things do you pack in your dry bag for a multi-day trip?

What are the necessities?

Those thing I want to keep dry. ;^)


Day Trip

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Water Purification Tabs
Toilet Paper
Lightweight Nylon Anorak
Gatorade or Water
Powerbar x2
Waterproof Headlamp
Waterproof Matches
Bug Spray (sometimes in deck bag)
Sunscreen (sometimes in deck bag)
Rolled-up Fleece Blanket (in cold weather)

Edit: Yeah, I forgot I have a smaller drybag with keys/wallet/cellphone and an Epi-pen, usually secured to the deck.

2-5 hour river run
towel, keyswalletcellphone,change of clothes if not in drysuit, first aid kit,camera on occasion,lunch,spare gloves.

Question to vague.

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Angeleno please ask a specific question. What you put in a dry bag for a day trip is nothing compared to what you will put in the various dry bags you would carry on an overnight or week long trip. Or are you talking about a small dry bag such as the one you may keep in your cockpit?
We will help you and answer your question(s) but we need more specifics to respond.
To paddlers who make day and multi night trips your questions would be compared to asking what kind of kayak to buy.
You might mention time of year (although we would assume now), paddling conditions and location. We are everywhere and those here in the south would not take the same as those in the north.


georgia_kayaker’s REAL answer
your PFD

I’m trying to reform
If the world can give Paris Hilton a break the least you could do is do the same for me???

Besides I have never put a PFD in a dry bag. I cram it in the bow and take the foot braces out if I take one with me.

Dry Bag - Or Bailout Bag?

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We always carry what we call a bailout bag in each of our kayaks. Inside there's pretty well everything we think we'll need to survive an unplanned night ashore. There's an item detailing its contents at
Link on the Safety link, then scroll down to Bailout Bag.

whether day paddling or multi-day
i carry a dry bag with these items:

mainstay 3 day bar

titanium cookpot

leatherman surge

gerber saw


hilleberg biv/anorak


Ritter mini PSK augmented with iodine crystal

bottle (infinite amount of water treatment)

ferrocium rod

Patagonia axuwool top with integral balaclava

Smartwool bottoms

OR fleece beenie/windblocker

fleece gloves

rain jacket-lowe alpine anorak

rain pants-golite breeze


bug juice


50-100 feet paracord

locking carabiner

1 liter water

OK, all the items above are in my backpack that is sitting behind me here at work (except the bod-i-bag and Biv-Anorak)-it goes every where I go and the backpack goes into the dry bag that already has the bod-i-bag and Biv-Anorak…

So for a dayhike the stuffs already there…if I get dumped and can get that drybag (also called a hypothermia bag by some) to shore then I’ve got a good start at staying comfy.

The backpack that goes everywhere also has an Adventure Medical Kit bivy…it usually gets dumped into the same dry bag but is redundant since the bod-i-bag and Biv-Anorak are always there but if bone cold it would help even more.

If for some reason, something like hurrican Katrina came to our area then the backpack is already there too :slight_smile:

Forgot something…the Marlin Papoose, it fits into the same backpack…

And the backpack is a Camelbak Peak Bagger, so if turned refugee I wont look like some paramilitary militia member carrying an Alice pack…

Spare grey thing for the bow

I keep my water iced down in mine.

lol string
once i forgot my coolers at the house, and did not realize until the boats were unloaded and being packed at the put in.

Had to toss some of my gear back in the car and use my big drybag for beer and ice! lol

had to drink it faster too, dunno what the ‘r’ value of a drybag is but the ice melts pretty quickly

bailout bag?
That’s a pretty exhaustive list. I have all of that stuff in my regular dry bags.

I thought a bailout bag was a small fanny pack-type bag with absolute essentials should you get separated from your boat. Mine contains minimal first aid stuff, bug spray, a flare, an emergency blanket, a mirror, fire stick, “fire sparker” and a power bar.

Angeleno----see what I meant
by my initial post. Many readers go off on a tangent and can’t understand what you are really asking.

You gotta have a tough hide to be
a p.netter.And a sense of humor.

or deluded NM :wink:

Day trip
keys wallet and knife.

Multiday trip - depends when where and how many days the Arctic circle requires certain things while the tropical waters other things.



Jack, you’ve been to the Artic Circle?

the only place
Jack has not been is the 70 miler…

sorry i mispoke and wanted to clear up something…in your PFD keep a mini-survival kit…the one sold here at p.net is almost perfect…also IN a pocket of the PFD a good knife…something like the Ontario RAT-7 AND a tube tent…

Now to make the mini-surivival kit better add two things:

  1. Gerber milk bags-they are sold in the breat section of Wallmart, they are sterile, tough, sealable and 3 will fit into the mini-survival kit sold here at p.net
  2. a small glass vial that holds resublimated iodine crystals. After water is introduced into the vial the water supersaturates with iodine (rate determined by temperature-hold in your armpit to ensure supersaturation)…then decant the liquid that is supersaturated into the Gerber bag which is filled with water you’ve found…let sit at least 30 minutes.

    Another thing to add to your pfd is a small magnesium rod.

    So with the above you have



    and with the contents of the mini-kit ways to eat among other things.

    Look for a website called equiped to survive–much much info on kits (The founder is Doug Ritter who designed the kit sold here at p.net)…

    My youngest daughter carries a tube tent in her daypack and knows how to set it up quickly…shelter is normally NUMBER one priority, they are cheap and lightweight…I had one made by Moonbowgear.com out of silnylon that is much longer lasting…

    Wanted to make it clear that you must have these things on your person in case you loose the boat.

    Survival stuff gets a bad rap because of the extremists so call all these things and techniques ‘primitive skills’…its a good hobby and kids love it.