What do you paddle?

prijon kodiak

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just got it, so far so good!
Looks like some big collectors out there, is it contagious?

no, contagious maybe
It’s not like an illness, it’s just that there are few recreation and fitness activities that have the bang-for-the-buck of kayaking. After falling in love with your first kayak you want more.

Acadia 12.5

Cobra Eliminator

OK Scupper Pro

WS Tarpon 160

The motto of the Harveysburg…
…Paddling Club is:

It’s not what you paddle, it’s who you paddle


My White water boats are Prijon Performance and

Prijon Rockit. My touring boat is a Prijon Barracuda.

Lest I be accused of excessive brand-loyalty, my

knees are shot and Prijon’s lack of a center

pillar in their WW boats make them much more


I got the Barracuda becase the only boat I liked

nearly as much cost twice as much.

Until recently I had an Old Town Loon.

My open water canoe is a Old Town Discovery 178.

I paddle
a Current Designs Sirocco on rivers, lakes, and Lakes Michigan and Superior.

My boats




and two Eskis

I also have a Jackson Superfun and Mad River Canoe solo.

I paddle a min of 3 times a week.

I am looking for an old Penn Yan Cartopper if anyone has one in their barn I would love to add it to my fleet.


Pamlico 140
Pamlico 140

Most of the time
Most of the time I paddle an ancient WS Mallard, because it is pretty light and handles just about any conditions like a dream.

Most of the time I like to row my guide boat because it is light and handles a chop well.

Hmmmm…never thought about it before but it seems like I pick on of the lightewst boats on the rack whenever I can. Maybe boat weight is more important to me than I thought.

Hahaha! My “fleet”…
…consists of a battle scarred early model Dagger Blackwater 10.5 I bought used ( and have since modified with a homemade bulkhead and deck fittings)and a Royalex 1985 Mohawk Blazer 16 canoe.


Current fleet:

Impex Outer Island 18 ft

Skin on Frame 19 ft 3 inches

2 Ocean kayak Scupper Pro’s 14 ft 9 inches

just sold the Tempest 170 and looking for another to replace it…maybe a hunter skin boat or might even pick up a Nigel Foster Legend…or both…

I really want a higher rockered skin on frame play/day boat and a camper…the Legend? maybe.

I got one of those Talic Condos and the problem is that I now have room…

might have a lot more room if my wife reads this though.


More time
I paddle a Kestrel 120, and I just bought a used OT Sport Jolt 11.6. My goal is to paddle more and spend less time worring about the perfect boat, paddle etc. I used to drive alot to get to the perfect place. While that’s fun, I now go to the closest

spot. Less windshield time, means more time on the water for me.

So Far!
Prijon CombiTour 356

Necky Chatham16

Perception Acadia Scout

Daughter uses the Acadia Scout on our weekly outings. I haven’t touched the Pijon since I got the Necky! (Prijon For sale $700 1year old!)

Hope to build a S&G in the next 2-3 years. Or sooner with proceeds from Prijon sale!

Hey Chuck…
Have you seen the cover of the latest NRS catalog.

One of you favorite paddling places.



Any thing that floats
We have twelve truck tubes all blown up and waiting.



sigh :frowning:
I can’t say as I ever give it much thought. I don’t care what other folks paddle as long as they enjoy being on the water. We tend to temporarily “host” boats. They show up, they stay for a while, then they leave and are replaced by another guest. I also tend to avoid it because some folks tend to form an opinion about you based on what you paddle. I’d rather not be stereotyped based on what I’m paddling at the moment.