What do you permenantly keep in your Yak

Are there certain items that you permenantly keep in the bulkheads, cockpit, or lashed onto the deck while your kayak is in storage or during transit. I personally find that unless I keep certain key items with my various toys I tend to leave them behind.

and the hatch covers are always off when in being stored.

I too store my kayak with hatch covers open. I stash all the gear (floatation bags, kayak pump, water shoes, pfd, skirt, helmet, throw rope, etc.) in a large mesh bag hanging on the wall ready to grab and go. The paddles are hanging on the wall next to the mesh bag. If I’m going on a “flat float” and don’t need the helmet I just stash it in the vehicle.

A first aid kit and mylar emergency blanket are always in a hatch and usually a paddle leash, (even though I don’t typically use one). Bilge pump and paddle float usually stay in cockpit, though they occasionally come out.


Nothing …because
as soon as my gear dries out I’m ready to go paddling again. Sometimes the gear is still wet.

paddle float
My paddle float is lashed behind the seat, so lives there. The rest of the stuff gets removed between paddles.

At some point, I plan to mount the bilge pump in the cockpit under the deck, at which point it will probably also stay with the boat full time.

Cockpit cover

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But I am different then some of the posts above.
I keep the hatch covers on to keep the crawley things out of the hatches.

Me too
Sometimes “the bride” gets PO’d at me when after we are in salt water, she wants to rinse the PFD’s off with fresh water and I say why bother, they are just going to get salty all over again tomorrow.



grey objects

Spare car keys
Not that I have ever needed them (yeh right).



Digital clock
on the forward bulkhead. Towel, rope,swim trunks,sponge and bailing bottle.

Float bags
In the long boat(s) as sell as in the WW boats - transport in the boat.

are you sure about that?
When was the last time you saw her?

I had nothing to do with it, I’m just sayin (she sure keeps me from getting lonely better than the grey thing does)

deflated air bags, foam paddle float, bilge pump, anchor tow line, and paddle.

I keep my PFD and whistle in my room.

Nothing. Most of my gear resides
in my truck tool box or behind the seat when I’m not paddling.

I store my boats in their bags in a shed out back. I do keep 25’ of rope, and 2 floatation bags stored with each of the boats.

To keep the grey thing company.


ditto on nothing
The tern is stored in the garage april thru late october.The america year round.

The pfds and skirts and even the cockpit covers come in sence I really didn’t buy em for the critters entertainment (or consumption). I prefer the ability to go over my equipment between paddles and leaving the stuff out in the boats don’t cut it.