what do you think about this kayak

i’m a newbie to this sport… so far i have 1 kayak and love it… a perception carolina… i’m a craigslist junkie and keep an eye out for stuff all the time.

this popped up awhile back… i guess the seller is having trouble moving it and he recently lowered the price significantly.

would this be a bad boat for inexperienced kayakers ?


A step up…
in a sense! I’d buy it for that price. Looks like an old river racer, might be fun.

Hard to tell
Personally I’d not call that a touring kayak without perimeter lines, and it appears to lack any bulkheads or outfitting. But add float bags and someminicell foam for control, it could be fun for running down flat stuff for running down relatively flat stuff. My only comment is that it looks awfully tall up front - might be worth confirming if it is cavernously tall compared to your size.

check with whoever made this post

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Kayaks of that era often had pretty small cockpits. You might possibly have to make a skirt for it, if it does. If you could I would try getting in it before you bought it.

If it is anything like the Lettman Hyperform kayaks of that vintage (and judging by the picture it looks to be) it will probably be pretty high-performance, i.e, fast, but not too stable.

See this: http://cornwall.boatverse.com/personal-water-crafts/lettman-hyperform-kevlar-kayak_68909.html

He says he’s been in it, but the skirt
issue could be tricky. The cockpit rim is high behind the back, then drops down at the sides, then goes up again. A cloth skirt, like the one the guy is using in Ontario, will work, but getting a neoprend skirt, that doesn’t need a committee to put on, might be another matter.

A neoprene skirt would have to be one with a bungee cord, not a rand. One would have to make both a tracing and a photo taken from the side, and send them to a top-notch skirt maker.

Of course, if it is tippy and tricky, he could just stay on class 2 and below and use a cloth skirt. Did you notice the Ontario guy messing with a hand pump while sitting in his cloth skirt?

communicating with the seller… he doesn’t have the title.

Is yours a state that wants a title, as
if it were a car or a powerboat? It’s just not an issue in Georgia, but I’ve heard that in Ohio or Illinois they act as if it’s hot merchanise if you can’t show something about origin and sale history.

I got a warning ticket from conservation
police three days ago for not having my canoe licensed in central IL. Another infraction will cost my $75. He took down my drivers license information, so I suspect that even if I was caught with a different unlicensed boat the next time, I’d still get a ticket.

He was a nice guy. He admired the craftsmanship of my Curtis Vagabond and we discussed canoes for 10 or 15 minutes.

He covers 8 counties and just happened to be passing through Champaign on his way to do a home inspection on a boat in Mahomet and stopped by this city park to check fishing licenses and boat licenses. I didn’t even have the boat in the water yet.

I’ll be getting that boat registered - as well as three or four later.

its a hassle
here in oklahoma they they want every single watercraft registered…every canoe, kayak, rowboat or even a paddle boat. they can ticket or even impound a watercraft if it is not registered and found on a public body of water. there is a process to get a title for an unregistered boat but there is no guarantee they’ll grant it. most of the time if a seller doesn’t have the title, they’ve already been through the process and failed to obtain one.