What do you think about this?

What do you think about this? It looks like a really good idea. Do you think it really works?


It probably does work as advertised and might help alleve some fears of less experienced kayakers, but at $17 per cartridge it can get expensive awful fast.


Well, you’re not supposed to capsize often. I’ve never capsized unintentionally with my sea kayak. If it does what it says, this is the most brilliant idea I’ve seen so far to recover.

BB Guns…
use the same cartridges, and they are a lot cheaper than 17 dollars…

I’m sure they are not the same.

If they are using the mil-spec ones as the website indicates they are way diferent than bb gun cartridges. $17 is pretty cheap life insurance.

Kayakers are supposed to know how to roll without self inflating air bags. It’s one of the first things taught in every kayak classes. That means this thing is geared for those who have not taken the time to learn proper safety techniques. And those people will probably flip more often than their experienced and trained counterparts. That adds up to money?

On another note, if a kayaker does not have the ability to right oneself, what happens after this safety device is deployed? They’re in the water, they’re inexperienced, and they just blew their safety net. Sure, a paddler can carry spare tubes, but then that gets us back to the money issue. Money better spent on lessons!

I can see how this thing could be effective for handicapped paddlers, or for added safety while in a training situation, but not for general use.


Eskimau rolling demands a great deal of skills and effort. Some people will never be able to master it. It’s very very difficult to roll with a larger kayak. So, this invention permits you to roll and not wet exit. Personally, if I can prevent a wet exit with this method, well that’s just great! Of course, I still know how to wet exit but why the hell bother?

Don’t underestimate the importance…
of righting yourself w/o wet exiting. Especially in cold water. Anyone who tours knows that by the time big waves & wind capsizes you there is a good chance you’ll be too exhausted (perhaps mentally) to roll. And don’t forget all those people who can’t roll for whatever reason (age, fitness, coordination, laziness, didn’t practice lately). Frequently the people who can’t roll are the ones without paddle floats (which are generally useless IMHO) or practiced in rescues.

I say that if you have the $$$ burning a hole in your pocket, get one and let us know how well it works before listening to people tell you it won’t.