What do you think is a fair price?

I have listed my 17’ fiberglass Old Town Canadienne which has wooden gunnels and brass hardware, which is in nearly new condition, for sale. Never damaged, never repaired, garage kept since I bought it decades ago. Everything I read seems to agree it is a classic and a rare item on the market. I need some thoughts on a fair asking price. Any sincere help will be greatly appreciated.

post some photos
you’ll find out soon enough…

Thanks Andy, It is hanging in the garage and it is 29 degrees with snow all around. I hope to get it down and post photos.

Re: Canadienne
Sent you a PM.


Its a classic and may be hard to
find in some markets but overall not especially rare.

IMO folks have a hard time going over 999 for a glass boat now that lighter materials are available.

I saw a Canadienne mint for 750 on a New England Craigslist but mind you Canadiennes are in many local canoeists stables.

For example there is a glass MR Malecite for sale on Craigslist New London CT used only twice and stored inside for $750.

A fair price is probably a little over
half of what a comparable boat costs new. As slushpaddler said in another post, if you’re serious about selling it, it’s really only worth what you can get for it right now. Really, anything is available for sale at the right price.

If you were hoping to tease out devotees of that particular model or collectors with your offer, you do have the canoe listed in the right place and would likely have gotten responses by now.

If you are just testing the waters and reluctant to part with your prize, I think you risk frustrating potential buyers by waffling or by engaging in protracted price negotiations but, in the end, you need to decide what it’s worth to you rather than the other way around.

Good luck!

Thanks for the thoughts and info.
I appreciate the help from the people who know best. I will keep you posted.