What do you think ? Seakayak boat stat

I have a necky manitou 13 in a great condition yet I’ve wanted to get something a little bigger so I could venture further without worry

I went on Craiglist to find a Perception Essence 17 (not the airalite), it comes with a skeg and has been used for rentals at the everglades

I got the boat for $500 which I think is a pretty good deal, when I got back home I’ve noticed the boat has some issues yet I’m not sure if they’re a big deal

the bow has some slight height difference here’s a picture http://imgur.com/DMADVuU

And I’ve noticed that the bottom of the boat in front of sit tends to dent in when I load it on the rack but pops back out when I remove it from the rack and push it out, is this a big issue ?

I’d love your opinion on the matter, thank you for your time !

here are a few more pictures of the boat



if it’s plastic it’ll dent

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Try not to tie it down so tightly, or try to pad it out at the contact point. Also helps to tie down where the bulkheads are positioned inside.

Leave it out in the sun and the dents will usually come out.

How does it paddle? Try not to freak yourself out over small perceived imperfections.

Can’t tell by looking at the pictures
If you are cinching down the boat too tight it will dent.

Get some good cross bars and saddles and see if you can get the boat placed on the saddles under the bulkheads of the boat

jack L

What do you mean by
What do you mean by “tie down where the bulkheads are positioned inside”, as you can see here http://i.imgur.com/mzjogFi.jpg, I won’t be able to pull the straps all the way over the bulkheads.

It pops out quick, thing is I’m not if it’s something I should be worried about enough to sell it and get something else or if it’s really nothing serious

I took out this Sunday for an hour but the winds were 30mph so it was quite choppy yet the boat was stable and tracked well, I’ll take it out this Tuesday or Thursday when the water are calm to see how it tracks

That’s the problem

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That thing is quite soft, even light pressure on the roof rack makes it dent inside, it pops back out when I lift it out though, yet the thing is soft it kinda makes me wonder if it affects anything. My Necky 13 belly is quite stiff.

unfortunately I can't afford a proper rack now, have to stick to my inflatable Malone

Maybe if I'll flip the boat upside down ?

might help
I have come to prefer hauling my kayaks deck down. I don’t really care if the deck gets warped by resting on the racks as long as the hull does not. Also keeps rain out of them while on the rack and the coamings fit between my rack bars which makes me feel more secure about their security up there.


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Carry the kayak on edge. The seam will be far stiffer than the unsupported "belly"

Belay that comment, I just looked at your photo. You're putting the kayak on a naked metal roof with Malones. Previous comment about cockpit down, possible bow forward, will be your best bet.

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it looks from the image as though
you do have it fastened down at or near the bulkhead behind the seat, and on the bow your strap looks close to the front bulkhead. Can’t do much better than that.

I’d second jackl’s recommendation to get some saddles if you want to really minimize the denting. Also go easy on the bow and stern tie downs, they don’t need to be string-tight, they just need to stop the boat if the rack fails.

The denting is common with poly boats and as long as you don’t leave it on your roof for long periods of time in the hot sun, or tighten it down excessively tight, the dents should come out with sun/heat exposure. I can’t speak to the cockpit/coaming alignment, it’s tough to tell and wide-angle lenses can do some funny things…but if it paddles well, no worries.

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Like I said the plastic will dent and pop back. The boats not old enough to have aged far enough for you to worry about this.

I wouldn’t worry about the weird deck unless you feel like you aren’t going straight.

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