What do you typically carry w/ u?

Just curious, what do you normally bring with you when you go on short(2Hrs) or/and long(8 or more Hrs) canoe trips.

Day/short trips:

Extra paddle, bailer, water, snack or lunch, couple of throw lines, kneeling pad, pfd, cushion, fishing gear.

Longer trips:

All of the above and whatever camping gear I will need.

Dry Bag/Bail Bag…
…is a good thing to have. We always carry ‘em, either lashed to the canoe’s centre thwart, or stuffed into the toe of the kayaks’ cockpits.

We carry one bag apiece, each containing emergency supplies. This includes a full change of clothes (underwear to wind-proof outer shell), flashlight, fire-sticks, lighter, some thin rope, 8x10 sheet of Tyvek for a tarp-tent or windbreak, a pocket knife, some 1st aid gear (mostly dressings, triangular bandages and pain killers), and minimal food - chocolate bars and a cake of hard-tack (ship’s biscuit). All of the above are wrapped and tied in multiple layers of plastic grocery bags before being placed in the dry bag. If we have to bail out and, horror of horrors, lose the boat(s), the bag has enough gear for minimalist survival purposes.

Lots of guns…

Stepping in for Coffee…

2 hours: spare paddle, water bottle, dry bag with car keys, small sponge, baseball hat, sun screen, and lip balm. This for summer paddling

8 hours: spare paddle, two or three water bottles per person, light weight rain jacket, lunch and extra snacks , dry bag with car keys, small sponge, baseball hat, she brings the digital camera in a dry bag, first aid kit which includes a leatherman tool and emerg. silver blankets, possibly a flashlight, sun screen and lip balm, and cell phone. This is for summer paddling

overnight: is a whole different ball game, and we have a check-off list that varies depending on the amount of nights.

Our trip check off list (on excel) is now three pages long and has everything from summer to winter and is good for kayaking as well as canoeing.



From memory…
spare paddle

float bag

bildge pump


sun glasses

camera/housing (usually)

night running lights

nalgene bottle of almonds

nalgene bags of drinking water

waterproof boxes for keys, cell phone, wallet

VHF radio

small rope/sling


first aid kit

boat repair kit

small survival kit

emergency shelter (nylon igloo)

extra fleece clothing

paddling jacket

large jacket to pull over PFD and all (winter)

brain bucket

neoprene beanie (warmth and under helmet)


tow belt


puck of surf wax (for slippery paddle in salt water)

Hmmm, what did I forget?..


about 18 inches of line
I have a small line securely tied to the inside of my kayak. I tie my keys to this line so that I will never lose them. Keys in the pocket can be lost. Keys tied to the line won’t be lost unless the boat is lost.