What does one do?

When one finds the kayak one wants? Though i know most people here might not agree w/ it but i’m deciding between two. wilderness systems pungo 120 ( i reallylike this for all around utility)…and a perception swifty 9.5 (for the stability, and i cant lie, i cant ignore how cheap it is, and ease of transport)…

now the dilemma is that non of the local shops here have either in stock…i’ve called them all w/in like a 100 mile radius hehe. From what i can tell, from here, and from calling these places, CA is more of a sea kayaking crowd (not hard to see why), and the kayaks i want are more stillwater/mild conditions,which is more popular elsewhere in the country.

given that for a long while still while i build skill (and out of preference, because i will be fishing with it)i will be spending a lot of my time on CA lakes. So basically i KNOW i want either one of these two (i will be buying two of whichever one i pick)…but i dont know where to get them.

i looked up the swifty online, and a few places had them, but it was hard to tell if they really had them, or it was just an ordering site. and for the pungo 120 ive found it all over the place…is that my only option is ordering them online? if so how does the shipping work? a lot of them said to save money i need to find a commercial destination to accept the shipment…how am i supposed to do that?

also any online retailers that any of you can reccomend that might carry either of these?

Thanks a lot, im sorry for my craploads of questions lately.

There is a Pungo 120
advertised right now in the “classified ads” section.

I don’t know where that is in Ca. in relation to you, but did you see it?



Outdoorplay.com has Perception’s Sundance 9.5, which replaces the Swifty. Free shipping, no tax. They don’t carry Wilderness Systems.

you might also try
going to the WS website and clicking on a find a stocking dealer link, or sending them an email… I know their reputation for customer service sucks, and rightly so, but it’s worth a shot. We have two of their boats and have had several others, and just got hammered by their customer service too; but the link on the website might help you.

Same for the other guys.

couldn’t hurt to try?


sooner or later a Pungo will show up
I’m tempted to list my 12 foot Pungo also because I love my 14 foot one. However I keep holding out for potential paddling pals or wantabe paddlers.

From what I’ve read about Wilderness recently, perhaps a used one is best.

Keep looking, one will show up. Don’t limit yourself to the 12 foot one, the 14 foot one is a bit faster.

what about shipping…what do i do about having to ship to a commercial address if im forced to order online.

Recieving location
You could pick up at the nearest truck depot for the over the road carrier they use. It may be nearby to your home or work or it may not be.

Do you have a friend or family in a business that could accept the shipment ?



Have you tried www.craigslist.org
Look under LA, Santa Barbara and San Diego sections, there are lots of cheap rec boats week to week. You would probably be fine buying a used Frenzy or Scrambler for what you want to do. Sure you could find one quick.

Get the 120 if you are going to
paddle any distance at all. Also Dick’s Sporting Goods carries the original Pungo and I have seen it for $350. It is a Victory brand and isn’t called a Pungo , but the same mold was used.

i use craigslist for everything but for some reason this time i forgot they even existed LOL…ill check out craigslist.

pungo 120
I think you can do more with a pungo.

Check out the Necky Dolphin here …

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The Dolphin will out perform any rec boat.

I have bought a few boats online
and picking them up at a local truck/freight terminal is super easy. The dock guys even help me load it onto my car. Unless you live far from civilization, this shouldn’t be a problem.