what fishing kayak for a small guy?

I love to fish. Recently moved to Florida Keys and want to fish from a kayak. I know nothing about kayaking. Looks like sit on top is probably the way to go. I am 5’ 8", 140 lbs, have a S10 truck and (I’m guessing I’ll carry it on or in the truck?). What kayaks should I try out/ consider?? What else do I need to know?


SOT, Man…
but your best source of info regarding outfitting would be the folks here:



Try a Pamlico by Wilderness Systems. They have several models including an “Angler” package. I have a 145 which is a tandem and is easily paddled solo. Very stable and a super rec kayak with a decent load capacity. I’m 5’7" and 140-145 and can handle it well. A little grunting if you are going to load it overhead, but to haul in the back of a pickup is not a problem.

And check out the yakfishing sites for tremendous resources in rigging, techniques, tips, and trips.


(paddling.net’s own site right here)


(SITONTOPKAYAKING.COM/topkayaker.com-site devoted to SOTs. Scroll down to Beginners, Choosing, and Fishing & Diving sections for info)


(The Florida Forum for the Kayakfishing site)

And finally, there’s


(Ft. Lauderdale Yakfishing Club’s site -it has a section specifically devoted to the Lower Keys, moderated by Brandon, a great guy with a great family and a great knowledge of the area who lives on Geiger Key)

Check them out, especially the latter, for all sorts of good information.

Good boats to consider will include:

Prowler & Scupper Pro from OK. The Prowler just might be one of the ultimate fishing machines, and the S-Pro is a tried & true veteran design. I paddle one, and I really like it -note my handle?

T160-140-120 series from WS; the first 2 are better as they’re faster, the T160’s one of the best SOTs for speed, but the it doesn’t have a TW, while the 140 does.

The Perception Bimini has a lot of nice angling features, and is a fairly fast boat -but it’s heavy at around 75+#.

The Hobie Angler is a fair boat -it costs much more than the others noted, though.

And then there’s the Heritage Angler -you can try and win one here at paddling.net!

At any rate, go to the fishing boards and get advice where it counts from those who count.

Think SOT if you’re not going to get into 20 mile trips. Heck think SOT anyway -you can always get a long-distance touring SINK later. Besides, they’re perfect for summer paddling -just splash yourself, or roll off for a swim, and climb back on -it’s pretty easy.

If you can, take a trip up to Key Largo & visit Florida Bay Outfitters (http://www.kayakfloridakeys.com/). Frank & Monica are really ‘good folks’, and they run a great shop and carry a lot of boats and will be happy to help you. Tell’em Scupperfrank sent ya…

And get it -whatever it is you’ll get -soon, so you can take advantage of all our great weather, and all the TERRIFIC spots down there in the Fabulous Florida Keys, and get out and

Paddle on!

-Frank in Miami

Heritage Angler, Angler 12, Fisherman
Heritage makes an Angler (10’) and an Angler 12 (12’). Both are sit-insides, have rod holders and a paddle park. I use dry bags to hold the stringer of fish in when I paddle back home.

We (Heritage) also has a Fisherman (14’ sit-on-top) which is FAST and easy to fish from. Ask SeaDart - he has same boat, but without the rod holders, me thinks…

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