what flies to use?

What flies do you use for bass fishing, salt water marsh fishing?

When I lived in N.C., I used wooly boogers a lot. Haven’t seen many of them here in La. Anyone know where I can get some-wooly boogers, that is?

Pistol Pete’s
They’re a Wooly Bugger with a propeller-type spinner on the front. My favorite fly. I stocked up on them at “Wally-world” a couple of years ago (bought about 4 dozen on clearance), bet they still carry them. Cabela’s and L.L. Bean also carry Wooley Buggers. WW

Try Orvis…
They’re on Corporate Blvd near Jefferson. If they can’t help you they’ll point you in the right direction.

Warning… the guy that runs the place is a pretty slick slaesman. Hold on to your wallet!


They got those in LA. don’t they? They gots to cuz I’ve seen one in Mobile. Academy does have a decent fly selection for both salt and freshwater fishing. If you’re not to far from the border, the Bass Pro shop in Houston has a fine selection.

Hi Cyriaque

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I have lived here in Michigan for 5 winters now counting this one and what I find interesting regarding panfish and bass here in lower Michigan is the color of the fly they seem to choose the most. Black.
I have great success in various waters here with a no. 14 black knat. Bass and various panfish alike love it. The other favorite is the no. 10 black foam spider with 1 1/4 inch white rubber legs tied to mid-thorax. Not the skinny spider, but the one with the big butt. Down in Tennessee yellows and reds in various patterns of spider and ant, plus the usual larger knats worked well for bass.
Poppers work well in greens and blues down south too.
The other's have already pointed out Orvis etc. so you should be able to find wooly boogers ok. Maybe these flies would be worth a try in Louisiana?
Good luck!

LA flies
Check out my webpage http://www.loup-garou.net/flytying.html for a couple local flies. Black, pink and chartreuse versions of the Charlie and a chartreuse and white version of a Clouser Minnow is what I use 99% of the time. The proof…http://www.loup-garou.net/elmersred.jpg



I fish for both salt and fresh water fish

the bass love poppers So do sea trout. I have taken red fish on poppers too.

Second choice would be a Clouser in white and Chartuse.

On www.flyanglersonline.com is the Shrimal that works well too.

Good luck and screamming drags

ol Al

Thanks for the webpage
Appreciate the info. Nice flies!