what glue for composite hull

I have avoided buying a composite boat for fear of destroying the finish as I am very anal about shining finishes.

I found a “new” 2009 Valley Avocet at a price I could not pass up. The 2009 model does not offer thigh pads and I would like to either modify a set I have laying around, or lay up neoprene on the hull underneath the combing to snug up the cockpit a little.

The layup appears to be fiberglass only, are there any glues I should avoid that may damage the composite?

I also may replace the velcro fastened back band with a IR back band so I will be cutting new slots in the combing for the support straps, should I coat the area that I cut with a gel coat repair patch?

You can’t damage the composite
with any commonly available glue. I might use contact cement, inverting the boat so the glue stays on the thigh hooks. But you could also use certain urethane glues. Try to avoid silicones. They aren’t very good as glues.

For attaching hard accessories, get some West G-flex epoxy.

Use Weldwood contact cement
Jack L

Specifically, Weldwood GEL…

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...contact cement. The liquid version bonds just as well, but the gel stays where you put it and doesn't run. Use at 2-3 coats on the foam (until it stops absorbing it) and 1-2 on the fiberglass surface and you'll get a solid bond.

BTW, I strongly suggest you get over your obsession with shiny surfaces or you're going to spend all of your time repairing scratches and very little paddling.