What glue

The ferrule came loose on my Bending Branches wood kayak paddle. I tried Super Glue and it didn’t hold. Anyone else had this problem?

Marine epoxy
I’d use a marine grade 2-part epoxy. Comes in two syringes that you mix together. Find it in an ACE hardware or homecenter. Should cost about $8 if I remember correctly. Clean off any of the residual crap left on the shaft and inside the ferrule. Good luck

That last sentence is key
There are very few applications where cyanoacrylate glue (a.k.a. “Super Glue”) actually works well. More often than not, it just results in a buildup of glue that prevents the parts from mating correctly. It can also prevent the epoxy from bonding strongly to the paddle parts, so it’s important that all of the residue is removed.

surface prep
the ferrule needs be perfectly clean of gum n oils…ie if using thoinner follow with CHOH.

paddle wood need be taken down to wood not surfacing n checked for oils. If the shaft was oiled best look up ‘degreasing wood surfaces before glueing’

Walmart’s locktite plastic 2 tube epoxy is use able. The plastic formulation has more ‘bite’

the stuff will glue a crack in a blue Wal bucket.

Marine Goop is great stuff.
It takes a few days to cure but it won’t fail. I’ve gotten it at Home Depot.

Like the others said, remove the old glue.

Great yes, but not for this application
Goop is too flexible and not strong enough for bonding a paddle ferrule. Epoxy is what the factories use and it’s what should be used for repairs.

I,ll pick up some two part epoxy tomorrow. The paddle has never been oiled. I sand and recoat with polyurethane every year. I will be sure that is clean and clocked before I glue it together.

BB ?
cool…always thought of BB as kinda ephemeral like Sunday Afternoons


not so. call BB. They will repair.

I assume BB’s wood s sealed with epoxy not oil.

The not stick is prob on the ferrule itself.

or try a weee drop of Locktite plastic epoxy off a sewing needle onto an alcohol prepped ferrule surface…see if the drop sticks. as in does not move when hit whit hammer.