What Good Is It?

I’m buried in canoe racks - Thule, Yakima, for every vehicle I’ve owned over the last 20 years, including an RV. Two hitch racks. Load bars alone take up considerable space in my shrinking garage.

I’ve recently invested in a Remackel trailer, so I’m really wanting to make room in my garage for…I don’t know, maybe my car? I’ve tried selling the stuff everywhere, no bites. Anyone have suggestions? This stuff is too good to throw away, not much good for anything else. Someone has got to have had this problem before me.

Good description:

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"too good to throw away, not much good for anything else". Funny how that happens with some things.

Just for comparison though, this doesn't happen to me with roof racks. In the past 20 years, I've had one main car. It's been hauling boats for the last 12 years, and in the 8 years prior, I used a different car to carry boats, but that car aged from 24 to 32 years old during that time (and that car carried boats ever since it was new, though overlapping the life of that car was another boat-hauler that was in constant use for 15 years).

Craigs list / ebay
The bars demand too much in shipping for ebay. Sell them on CL. The towers and bases can be sold reasonably on ebay without too much shipping.

I know this works, because that’s how I bought all of mine.

If it’s a bother to sell and too good to throw away give it away and let someone else fill up their garage with junk.

same here
Have bought and sold rack components and bars on Ebay.

You can price your own shipping on Ebay.

What are the racks/load bars doing

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lying all over the place BJ?? Put em' on...LEAVE em' on or sell em'..but sell all the additional "stuff". Believe me it really makes keeping the place clean a lot easier. You don't like showing off your bars/racks post-carwash???

sell them!
I’ve had 4 different configurations of Thule racks for my various cars over the past 12 years and I bought every component from either Craigslist or Ebay. Bought a new car last April, looked up the rail clamp part number on Thule’s site, checked my local CL and a guy two miles from me had the exact setup I needed, in like new condition, for $200, which was $150 less than new. I know the parts can sell well on Ebay because I have several times been outbid on popular parts.

good question !

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In humor, off course, I could launch into a diatribe linking this witless behavior to the decline of western civ. that too would be witless.

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my trove

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WAS 27" bicycle parts.

My '78 Raleigh grafted into 21C parts. My garage space went from two to one for a trip west.

All aluminum parts..so ID'd by the manufacturers...went into a large reinforced box.

steel rims and assorted frame nebula went into and FILLED one medium size dumpster.

The box went into the recyclery gratis, the help walked down the street n bought a case of beer.

Try ReRack in Portland

Canoe carriers?
If you have any canoe carrier attachments that you are looking to get rid of, I might be interested.

Although it sounds like you mostly have feet and load bars. ?

We have a quick system of two ratchet straps on the hull and two bungees at the ends on our Volvo 850 w/ Thule load bars for our canoe, but the “dirty air” off of semi trucks can be nerve wracking.