What happened to Pacific Water Sports?

I’m borrowing this little kayak from a friend for my 6-year-old son to paddle. Its a great little boat. The sticker on it says PWS W300. I understand that this boat was custom made by PWS for the original owner.

Does anyone know if PWS still exists?

Lee Moyer retired a few years back
and with his retirement went Pacific Water Sports.

Unfortunately, they closed their doors approximately four years ago. Nice shop and well respected in the Puget Sound region! Judy, one of the co-owners, now works part-time at the REI Flagship store in Seattle (at least she did the last time I was there last fall).

PWS MR Outrage
I went down in Novemeber 2003? and bought a really cheap, used, slightly damaged Mad River Outrage out of their rental fleet - still going strong, and I like the big ‘Pacific Water Sports’ logo I sport on the side of my boat!

I hadn’t dealt with them before, but they were good to me over the canoe - threw in a big air bag! I recall that, in addition to the retirement factor, they had recently relocated into a much larger space, and really increased their inventory of sea kayaks, and that business hadn’t been going so well since the move/change, among other things I’m sure.


I’ve seen a few
PWS boats posted for sale on Craig’s List the last few months. The shape reminds me of one of those QCCs, though. REI Flagship store. Loved driving by on the I-5 and seeing folks on the rock climbing wall staring right back at you when you’re stuck in traffic.