what happened to the LL Soujourn??

It just diasapeared from the market when The open-water Liquid Logic kayaks were transfered to Heritage kayaks.

I don’t think the Sojourn ever made it to the market. You can still find the Pisgah (same boat in poly) under the Heritage name.

hee hee…i just asked that same
question of an industry contact on Sunday…

he summarized it as

“Andy Zimmerman took over.”…and left it at that…

he should of gave it the chance.
who discountinued the Pamlico 140?? Was it that swiss army CEO lady?? I think she took over for Andy

Andy has been out of Wilderness Systems for a long time. The current CEO (the Swiss Army CEO) is 2nd or 3rd since Andy left.

I don’t think the Pamlico 140 had a fit anymore. Between the Pungo series and the Tsunami series there wasn’t much of a need for it.

the material is Tegris
It’s being used in the Native Ultimate kayaks now. If demand warrants you may see Tegris in sea kayaks but given the price of the Ultimate at $2000-a fully decked sea kayak would possibly be priced where composite kevlar kayaks are so why bother?

had problems
There was some serious problems with the material the Sojourn was to be built from. Consider the Sojourn to be more like a concept boat, to display technology but not a final product. The material fuzzed like crazy under even slight abrasion. The idea didn’t die, Native Kayaks figured out that by encasing the MFT in a film kind of like the vynal layers in Royalex, it would solve the abrasion issues and hence Tegris was the next evolution.

The mold for the Sojourn cracked before production boats could be made. The molds for working in the unique material are very expensive and the project was scrapped.

I get that
I love the kayak, but it is an absolete design, 8 to 9 years old. Old isnt bad, but it doesnt fit the times.