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303 don’t last for ever LOL

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303: Spring subject matter
303 merits, or lack of same is typically a subject that rears it’s head every Spring.

It’s the time of year when not much paddling is being done, but much thought about paddling is being done.

Tilley hats, best pfd, best camp knife, cold water deaths & rescues, and paddlers needing advice about paddling around the world using a SOT, or paddling the full length of the Yukon river in a recreational kayak.

Spring issues…



Bugatti Royale
paint work for canoe’s inside hull weave …

You were right, Grayhawk,
in your analysis of the response to my third email to Gold Eagle. For those who missed it, I quoted a wackadoodle reply I had received when questioning the safety of 303 in water, as well as using it on neoprene (their website Q&A advises against that). Grayhawk essentially suggested it was a stock response sent by the company’s newest hire.

The following email popped up in my mailbox today and I’m quoting it because it’s only fair to do so.

“Thank you for contacting Gold Eagle Company. The main reason why we do not recommend using 303® Aerospace Protectant on neoprene is because it has a porous surface to which 303® AP does not bond well. As far as polluting the water, 303®AP is a water based product that contains no harmful silicone, solvents, ammonia, alcohol or other chemicals. Therefore, it is safe for marine use. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Conrad Manzano

Sales & Marketing Communications Manager

Gold Eagle Co.

[email addy omitted]

Protecting, Preserving, & Performing Since 1932.”

303 seems to be absorbed pretty well on my neo gear.

Good info… Thanks nm