What hurts?

Mostly singles…
Doc. I have 3 now. Use the double only when wind gets to bad,or fast touring. Lately the singles get the most use.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Over Stoked!!!

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holy cow... I have come closed with some 6-8 hour sessions. But, when it gets more and more difficult to get to the backside and the rides become increasingly punctuated by a trashing, I know it's time to call it quits while ahead. :)

Yes, forgot about the eyes, dawn patrol into the rising sun can really do a number on the eyes. One session, I had to quit because my eyes were stinging and I couldn't even see clearly anymore the approaching waves.


I guess sunglasses are out
…for surfing.

For other paddling, try the darkest Oakleys made, the “black Iridium.”

I used to wear the regular gray Oakley lenses and still got fried eyes on long days. I switched to the black lenses and the problem disappeared. Polarized black is even better.

I destroyed a pair sunglasses
A couple of years ago I got hit head-on with a huge foam pile and broke an old pair of prescription sunglasses into my face. I had another pair that the lenses delaminated after a few poundings. I’ve opted out on wearing sunglasses since then. Also when the lenses get soaked it’s very hard to stop and clear them so you can see.

Since then I have learned a bit more about how not to get nailed quite as often. I’m reconsidering just buying a real cheap but sturdy pair of sunglasses. I’ve seen people suggest better retainers than Croakies and I am going to give it a try again.

I Use Sunglasses…
I did get hit by a wave just right where the glasses became partially dislodged and the nose piece cut the bridge of my nose.

I have croakies on mine, again with a bulb of tape on the ear piece ends. I have not had them come off totally.


Depends on the boat

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I've rented kayaks in which I ended up with various sore or achy parts.

The Piccolo which I really liked left me with a bit of a backache; very low foredeck meant I had exactly one position for my legs, and no vertical wiggle room.

The Nighthawk 16's weird backrest edge dug into my spine and hurt it within minutes.

The Cosma 16's hip braces gave me two numb spots, even though the boat itself was tall and wide.

My own Merganser 16 used to leave me with a numb sit bone point till I sanded down the high spot in the minicell seat.

I used to have fried eyes on long, sunny days till I switched to black Iridium sunglass lenses.

My right wrist often ached till I worked on fixing technique.

Now about the only thing that I feel afterward is tired or stiff legs, sometimes. If there was sustained strong wind, my whole body feels tired.

There is always the possibility of a bruised ego ;-)