What hurts?

After a day out, my pecks ache. Is that a sign of bad form?

At the risk of launching a kvetschfest, after a day out, what hurts you? (paddling-related, please!)

For me…
just about everything hurts nowdays. Paddling just makes it hurt longer,afterwards. Pain is my friend,so I don’t notice much. I have gotten rid of back & leg pains by switching to canoes. I can move about more which helps a lot. My arthritic thumbs,and lack of arch support in my water shoes still plague me when paddling,but I live with that all the time. Also since switching to canoes ,my arms rarely hurt after paddling the same long distances. That makes me happy,so I paddle longer. Ibueprofen after paddling usually settles things down again.

Happy “pain free” Paddling billinpa

No hot spots.

I feel I’ve done most work with abs and the rest of my trunk. Next is legs. Then some, but much less, in chest/arms/shoulders.

On days I’ve pushed it a bit (too?) hard I’ve had some forearm issues (mix of over gripping and the insufficient grip strength/conditioning of a weekend warrior). Also some isolated right shoulder strain - with more serious episodes twice now for completely different but related reasons (over use once fighting weather cocking on a busted skeg day - and poor position/form doing something weird rolling the other time, which has had mo off the water a month now. If I have to miss - better now when it’s crazy hot).

Nothing But Butt
which gets tired after sitting in one place for an hour or two. All the other muscles (and fatty tissue) get exercised and stretched out.



Lower back…
I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but after an hour or so my back starts to hurt and I’m constantly shifting position to compensate.

Between My Shoulder Blades
If I paddle hard.

Happy Paddling,


Me too
but it takes about 5 hours of paddling before that happens. Sometimes I’ll get a little discomfort in the rotator cuffs (shoulder). One time I was in the boat for 6 hours without a break in 1-2’ chop and my left hip joint started hurting like a m’fer… but it was fine after I got out of the boat.

After A Good Surf Session
I feel it in my legs.


Nothing, but I love the feeling
in my calves and thighs after a hard race or a hard workout of intervals.

I figure at my age if I miss a bit I will loose it all, so I don’t plan on letting up.

My bone on bone knee, sucks, but that has nothing to do with paddling, and when I am carrying the yaks I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to be so healthy and free from all the major bad stuff.



Single or Double
bladed paddles in the canoe?


The only things …
…that don’t hurt, don’t work.

what hurts
After long days on the water my forearm tendons and elbows hurt. Too much gripping and I try to keep a real light touch on the shaft during the push and that helps. My lower back pain went away when I STOPPED leaning back and leaned a little forward using more torso rotation. Feet stopped getting numb when I glued padding onto the floor of my kayak where my heels contact. Even though I always wear paddling shoes, I still had foot issues until the closed cell padding was put in. My wallet hurt when I bought my last composite boat!

I paddled two weeks ago and noticed a pain in my elbows for the first time ever. I still feel a slight pain when I fully extend my arms. Is this due to bad form? It’s ironic because when I was paddling I was trying to improve my forward stroke technique. I’ve been watching the Nigel Foster videos on the Forward Stroke.

Butt, Butt, Butt, Butt

Did I mention my butt?

From my own experience:

Sleepy legs/feet = pinching in wrong place or hamstrings that are too tight, so pad and stretch.

Elbow/wrist strain = too tight a grip on paddle, so loosen up on it

Bicep/shoulder strain = lack of torso rotation, so rotate

Low back pain = poor paddling posture, so straighten up and lean forward (also helps stretch the hammies)

Used to have a PITA
but alas, she went her own way!

Blisters! NM

I got kicked in my generalities once! NM

You really do need a new paddle! NM

My eyes are killing me … but
I surfed too much on a vacation day last week when it was sunny, got my eyes sunburned and then I got Maytagged in a big closing out wave that stirred up a huge amount of sand, I was trying to figure out what way was up and got my eyes sand blasted, and now I have some kind of bacteria growing in them … I’ve got three kinds of eye drops… but my problems are nothing compared to this guy who was surfing about a half mile away. The spot where I live everyonce in a while gets perfect barreling waves that peel and break forever. It was about 18 seconds period so they had lots of speed and power last week. Paddle out catch a perfect wave, ride it for 45 seconds paddle out do it again … etc I was exhausted after about 4 or 5 hours … this guy did not know when it was time to quit

Surfer Passes Out While Surfing in Cardiff by the Sea and Gets Saved by Friend and Leash.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 June, 2006 : - - Experienced surfer, Anthony Stone (34) was surfing his third session of the day during a south west swell in north county San Diego 6/19/06 and passed out due to being exhausted from surfing an excessive amount in one day. When he passed out, he fell off his board and was underwater for three waves when a friend made it over to him and pulled him up by his leash.

The friend then had to carry him into shore, where he was met by lifeguards who quickly called in assistance and had him airlifted him to a local hospital. He spent two days in Intensive Care and is “ok”. He still shaken up and is taking antibiotics to fight off the bacteria the water in his system might cause… He came as close as one can to not seeing the light of day… ever again. For more info, Anthony’s brother set up a web site to monitor his current situation