what I want, can I get it?

I have a pretty good idea of what I want in a SOT kayak, but can’t seem to find what I want. Pelican Sport makes a “Catch 120” that is a SOT at 11’ 8", has a beam of 34", and weighs 70 lbs.


I really like the slightly elevated seat. This would be used for fishing. This kayak would be ideal if there were two things different. Most importantly, it would be GREAT if it were made of fiberglass, and therefore lighter and stiffer. Secondly, if it were a little longer, so much the better. The length isn’t a deal breaker, though.

I can’t seem to find what I want ANYWHERE. I can’t be the only one that would want something like this. Does anyone make such a thing? How much would it cost to get something like this custom-fabricated? Who would even custom make something like this? Thanks.

You don’t state where you are located.
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Anyway, have you looked into Eddyline fishing kayaks?



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If it's the sling style seat that attracts you and you simply want a slightly longer open solo boat for fishing, why not consider the lighter and longer Old Town Next pack canoe?


Because of the way fiberglass is formed (applying fibers, fabrics and resin over a mold), creating the double hull structure of a sit on top kayak would not be easy and certainly not commercially practical. I doubt it would be any lighter than a RM plastic boat of the same dimensions. And I doubt "stiffness" makes much of a difference in a short and wide kayak. Hard to understand what makes you think fiberglass would be preferable for such a boat.

Current design
Google Current Design Kestrel 140 SOT, they weigh around 43lbs. But I agree with Willowleaf, rotomold poly seems a better fit for the riggers of fishing.

my impression, perhaps incorrect, was that fiberglass was considerably stronger per area than poly. Maybe this isn’t the case. Thanks for the manufacturer links, I’m checking them out. I live near NY, by the way.

Hyde Park
NY is a big state but if you are anywhere within driving distance of Marshal in Hyde Park it might be worth a trip.

Everybody that talks about him on these boards says good things about his business.

If not in the area you should look into local kayak suppliers. Mountain Man in Old Forge is Upstate.

In Northern NJ there is Campmore in Paramus or Ridgewood on Route 17. They have stock of various manufacturers. Current Designs, Hobie ect.

Best Of Luck!

I wonder if an SUP
with seat might fill the bill with less weight


not stronger
I have personally seen fiberglass boats split in half trying to launch in surf. Fiberglass is NOT stronger – it’s main advantage is that it can be repaired and patched back together, unlike rotomold plastic. My outdoor club used to build our own fiberglass whitewater kayaks, laying up glass cloth and resin over a mold. We had to make them in two or three parts which then were assembled with a wide glass tape that was designed to fail under serious stress so the boat would literally come apart in the water if a paddler got swept against a rock or under a ledge, so they would not be trapped or crushed.

Glass makes sense for high-end narrow long sea kayaks for it’s lightness per stiffness ratio, but not for short wide fishing kayaks. Fiberglass also becomes brittle and fragile over time as the resin ages, particularly if it is stored in rough conditions. People with fiberglass boats have to be careful launching them on rough landings. The gelcoat can crack and you can punch a hole in the hull hitting something.

The Delta Kayaks CAT 10.5 might fit the bill. It’s shorter, and a little narrower but more important, it’s made of thermoformed plastic and weighs 39 pounds, not 70. Not sure whether it would support the elevated seating position.


pretty close
I’m pretty close to Hyde Park. Who’s Marshal, and what is the name of his business? Thanks.

HDPE can be repaired.
Linear HDPE, the type of polyethylene that most poly kayaks are made from can be repaired by welding using either a very small torch or by using a plastic welding iron. There are a bunch of videos showing how to do poly kayak repairs.


He’s an ACA Level 4 Open Water
Coastal Kayaking instructor. Hyde Park home base is The River Connection.


He’s a very knowledgeable and helpful guy.

got another suggestion

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Since you are willing to build your own boat, how about a 48 pound stitch and glue Sea Island Sport sit on top kayak from Chesapeake Light Craft? This comes in a pre-cut kit with all hardware. Supposed to be great in surf conditions, light, strong, fast, and actually beautiful. You could probably build a stern structure to attach a trolling motor if you really thought you needed one.


There is one in the background in this YouTube clip:


That stitch and glue is a beauty. Thanks for the info regarding Hyde park. Right now, I’m checking out the ocean kayak prowler 13T. I’ll consult the guy in Hyde Park, though.

Some ideas
Roto-molded choices - Jackson, Viking , Feelfree, Ocean Kayak, Wilderness Systems, Perception . All of these brands make fishing kayaks in all sizes.

ABS/Thermoform plastics - Eddyline or Hurricaine. A lot lighter but not fiberglass.