what if ya find a kayak

i see em adrift alone sometimes whats the best thing to do report it?or just tie it to nearest dock? there is a canoe out now that filled with water i just leave it there thinking one day it will be gone but was still there last time.im thinking people on this lake dont know there knots

I’ll tow them to a dock or beach and tie
them up. They’re a hazard to powerboats on Lake Lanier and similar spots. An alternative is to tie a bright-colored float on it so people knwo where it is.

man lainer is a mess
its low again many things to hit if ya are in power boats scary im afraid it will go back to when it was crazy low

Coast Guard had a new free sticker
they were providing to paddlers, rowers, & small boat sailors with place for name and phone number so finders of boats adrift can contact owners before they report a possible lost boater. Budget ran out for now but could make our own. R

I believe has a similar decal

Maritime law says it’s yours.
No need to shop at Dick’s.