What is a 16' Grummann canoe worth

I am trying to determine what an old 16’ Grumman canoe is worth. It is has some wear and tear but no leaks or dents. Does anyone have any ideas?



What is it worth to you.
I was offered a 16 foot aluminum for $100. Didn’t take it. I should have. I could have scrapped it for more. This might fall into the category of if its cheap and gets you on the water fo for it. It all depends on what your future canoe plans are and how you plan on using it.


You are not gling to like this

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I had a 17' Michicraft canoe I wanted to sell. No one wants heavy aluminum canoes any more, so assuming yours is aluminum, here is what I ran into. Mine was in excellent condition, with only a few scrapes and dents on the bottom.

I tried to trade it in on a Kayak, and no one really wanted it. The best offer I had was $140.00 trade in on a $900.00 poly katyak. I was upset.

I put an add in the newspaper, and only got $250.00 for it, with a nice selection of paddles included. Note this canoe had not been used more than a dozen times.

The local Kayak shop has one for sale, with paddles, asking $695.00 for it, and after 2 seasons of trying to sell it just reduced it to around $550.00, or something close to that.

This is probably bad news for you if you are trying to sell, but good news if wanting to buy.

Best wishes.

One listed here
There was one listed here for sale in my area earlier in the summer. I think it was around $400. I told a friend about it and by the time he called it was gone, but of course we don’t know the price paid.

75 cents/pound at the recycler.

Where are you at?
I got a FIFTY dollar bill right here that says that boat is mine! that is straight up no taxes. I might go up to $75 if there is a nice paddle or two in this deal.


P.S> try looking at Ebay, they have EVERY price range on there for them. I think it is area and desire to unload.

I’d give a $100.00
Need a good loaner boat, but then again maybe not an aluminum one. The borrower may never want to go paddle again.

Where’re You Located?
I’m looking for something like that to get my brother and his kids on the water. If you’re in or around Tennesse, email me at spamnyetchristov_tenn@yahoo.com just remove spamnyet.

Or were you wanting to buy such a boat?

:slight_smile: Chris

If you in BC Canada., I offer $150.00

consider a donation

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I've suggested to a few folks with aluminum boats they want to unload that they consider donating their old canoes to local Scout troops or other non-profits who could use them. Biggest advantage is that you can go ahead and claim the best fair market value of your boat as a cash value of your donation when it comes time to do taxes next April (just make sure you've got documentation to support the claim along with a letter of reciept from the org you donate to).

In terms of market value, it depends on where you are, but as a general rule a sixteen foot alum. boat in ok condition would be worth $150-250. If there's a CraigsList site for your town area, you might have better luck selling there than in some other places you could advertise, and lord knows the price is right.

If you don’t need the money and have the
space to keep it, hold on to it. Don’t even need to garage it, just park it in the back yard. Great loaner boat, and not a half bad fun boat on some rivers and streams. Can’t hurt it and you are not out anything if it is destroyed. And, if you have teenaged children who, with their friends, are rough on things, let 'em have at it.

Around here they go pretty quickly for about $300.

I know it heavy and hot and cold and slow, but if you keep them out of white water and surf they last about forever.