What is a drop in box seat?

Here is a picture of one that I made:


It is a rubbermaid box, turned upside down. A piece of foam is glued to the top for a comfortable seat. On the bottom, small strips of rubber are riveted to the box to minimize any slippage.

When paddling solo in a tandem canoe, I prefer a seat like this, as it can be placed just behind the center thwart to optimize the trim of the canoe. It can moved forward and back to assist with balancing the load.

I recommend it highly for flatwater use, and do not recommend it all for whitewater use, as it is not firmly attached to the canoe. It provides better stability than sitting in the bow seat with the canoe reversed for solo paddling, as I used to do when I first started solo paddling in a tandem canoe.

You may also notice a small compass suspended on a piece of fishing line in the upper left of the picture. It’s a walmart compass, and I suppose a piece of Christmas ornament wire would be more durable than the fishing line, but I kind of like the transparent suspended look.

Happy paddling!

are those red bags/pads on either side of the dog? Are they flotation, or are they pads to keep the dog in the middle of the boat?

don’t know how long you’ve used it

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... or how much you weigh. But, if a seat begins to collapse, it can make for a long day, especially if the bow and stern seats are already spoken for.

I do basically the same thing with a cut-down, heavy duty milk crate. But, the ones they sell at Wall Mart don't cut it very long before crapping out on one of the corners. Learned that the hard way ...

small cooler
I ahve used a “lil Buddy” cooler to support my rear when kneeling. With a pad on top it is just the right height.

The red bags are NRS storage bags
and they are filled with plastic 4" perforated drain pipe.

Super light, and they keep the dog from the gunnels. He is quite happy with his space in the center area.

I have used the seat for about 15 outings, and it has never slipped from its position or shown any signs of weakness. It can also be used for storage purposes.

Gotta either get the good crates from
five finger discount, located at the back of the local grocery or convenience store, find one, or be legal and buy at the Container Store. It sells the real thing, albeit with no markings.