What is a good kayak to start a

7 year old in? I know it has been discussed before, but I wasn’t paying attention.




Kind of paddling?
WW: LL Remix 47, Jackson Fun1

Touring: Shearwater Rising Star

Rec: Acadia Scout

SOT: Ocean Kea

Just to name a few. There are many others. I personally think the Jackson Kayaks are a good choice no matter what the paddling.

Flatwater touring. Thanks for the

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reminder.The Acadia Scout looks just right.

Prijon Flipper
Weighs only 19lbs. The kids can portage their own boat. Builds character, right? :wink:

See you on the water,


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Hyde Park, NY


new this year
Jackson Sidekick – a small river-runner, less of a playboat than the Fun.


bets kid boat
Buy a used boat… a 7 year old shouldn’t be paddling class III, so any old SMALL kayak will do. They will outgrow it soon enough,(that’s when you sell it to another 7 yr. olds parent). I started both my sons in Old Town Otters. My 18 yr old paddles a Honda Accord w/ girlfriend. His kayak gathers dust. My 16 yr old paddles a Wenonanah Sandpiper canoe, with his dog, who has been fixed. I wish I could say the same for the girlfrend.

Mine started, at 7, in a Prijon Capri.
Wonderful 44 lb German made blow molded (not rotomolded)plastic boat. Adults can use, too.



Bring a tow rope and have a ball with him, string.

Vertpaddler, at some point he will
be less addicted to gasoline and perfume , and will be back.

Cobra Wave
If you can find one. Discontinued because they did not know what they had. It was marketed as a surf boat but is one of the best kids SOTs around and only 22" wide. I bought 2 for my grandkids when they were available.

Big Wheel.