what is a good paddle

i am going to buy a prijon combi 359, and was wondering what type of paddle is suitable. I am looking for something affordable(this is my first boat). Also, i will be using it for touring and up to class III ww. What is a good length? i am 5’11’ and 165# I have an average build. Any suggestions?

Way too many choices out there
but a 200cm may be a good starting point. I use a 200cm Lendal and a 208 Windswift for touring/surfing. Lendals 4 piece are cool because all the blades and shafts are interchangable. Check here too http://www.oakorchardcanoe.com/touringkayakpaddles.php

Google Onno and Call Patrick.


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If you're really going to be spening significant time in whitewater, and only plan to buy one paddle, get a whitewater paddle. It'll work fine for flatwater if you use a high-angle stroke. The downside is that it'll be heavier than a comparable touring paddle.

I've got a Mitchell Cougar which has survived a lot of abuse -- lots of rock hits and significant abrasion with no cracking or delamination.

Aquabound has a reputation for good value -- decent blade shapes and good durability at a reasonable price. I prefer the fiberglass shafts over the aluminum ones.

Werner is another company with a good reputation that makes nice paddles, but they can be pricey. They do have some new lower-priced models this year.

Many beginners end up with paddles that are too long, which just makes it harder to paddle straight.