What is a good PFD for kids

My son is a very skinny 60# 10 year old. He is 4’6" tall. I don’t know if he will like kayaking so he’s going to start with my Perception Eclipse 16. I also have a 220cm Aqua Bound sting ray for him to try. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

When my son was that size, he used an Extrasport Youth PFD. His boat was a Piccolo and the paddle a Werner kids paddle.

Thanks raymondmom
I just ordered an extrasport for my son. I have one myself and like it very much.

my 10 y/o
really likes his MTI Adventurewear Junior PFD a lot better than his old Stearns.

My son is 9
and about 50" tall. My 230 paddle is to large for him but he still uses it. I would look for a shorter paddle for your son. If you have a paddle sports store near you go have him sit in a boat and try out a paddle. My son is using a PFD that was intended for waterskiing. I think it is for weights between 50lbs and 80 lbs. He always wears it on the water. He knows the rules in order to have fun on the water plus he like to float the rapids in his vest pointing his watershoes down stream.