What is a "Rock Garden"?????

There might be others in my boat but some words or phrases are foreign to me and I'm not afraid to ask or say I don't know. Unfortunately I don't have any seasoned paddlers around to ask so maybe this will also help others.

so, What is a rock garden?

...because I thought a rock garden was a place in the river full of exposed and unexposed rocks where a paddler could practice boat control getting around them.

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Morning GK

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I will let someone else answer this. coastal conditions that have lots of exposed rocks that you can play in. Look at websites like the rockhopper and you will see lots of pics too.

Rockhopping is ''close to shore'' saltwater paddling: short trips and playing the sea, calm or wild. Rocky coastlines, blue skies, rock gardens, swells, surf, tides and tide races - all combining to ensure the perfect rockhopping experience.


G_K , my take …

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........ a bunch of rocks in the mountain river that I can't aviod , usually shallow water .

I will inevetably bounce over or kiss off on some , being unable to miss all of them myself . They all have a little wave break of their own to my eye . Maybe a high class 1 or low 2 ..

rocks make the river
without rocks, it’s a highway. With rocks, it’s an adventure. Here’s a heavily fertilized garden :wink:


They’re good fun!

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Generally in sea kayaking terms, a rock garden is a bunch of exposed and submerged rocks out in open water. Some of my faves are at the bottom of cliffs. Waves and swell bash them, and reflected waves off the rocks and shore make a chaotic looking but rhythmic pattern that you can paddle through when conditions are right.

The challenge is to stay upright, and not hole your boat. And in some of the better ones, you can time the pattern of waves and surf over rocks that are usually exposed, when they are awash. Great fun.

Another fun thing to do is surf through a crack in a cliff or big rocks as the waves run through the crack. Lots of possibilities!

Also something some p-Netters like to

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argue about, as to whether they mainly
exist along rivers or on ocean shoreline.
(When in fact, it's both.)

whenever signifiant ‘rocks’ are in the way of the paddler and create obstacles to paddle around, thru, over, etc.

you can find them in river, ocean or lake and they become increasingly fun/ challenge with added current or rough conditions.

I live for 'em.



Don’t forget the Great Lakes!!!

I’ve been thankful
for the algae covered rocks a few times lately. Skin doesn’t scrape off on algae like on bare granite, and the canoes slide over the rocks like a greased pig.

Like this …Arbolitos, Baja California

I’d never think to take a whitewater boat to Baja.

If I ever go, I’ll need to ramp up my education big time.


I thought it was a veggy garden
with the Rolling Stones playing in the background…



Hopefully others will now understand the multi choice answer to this question.

…and I’ll be paddling in my river “Rock Garden”.

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looks like fun and great pics

Rock Garden Reference
Here is a movie clip that was taken yesterday by a friend of mine in AR. At 1:59 on the clip, there is a perfect “River Rock Garden” reference.




Fell asleep before it got that far …
Try watching the last bit of this clip with Sean Morley …