what is an affordable 12-14' canoe?

can i get a canoe in this size range, for 350-400? i want it new, not used, (i have my reasons, ill tell if ya want to know), as my 17 footer is just too big for me by myself. what brand should i look at for a price like this? thanks for any info.

Much as you can find a new car for less than $15K. For the same money, you may find a used Lexus or Cadillac, in good condition.

Shop the big box stores and find a little bitty barge. Or watch for a good deal on a quality used boat.

It’s your ride, enjoy it.


lots of great used boats
very few new boats in that price range. You’re not even getting what you pay for when you spend $400 on a new canoe. I can’t even name a 14’ or shorter canoe that retails for under $500. Spend $400 on a used boat and you’ll have something enjoyable to paddle.

Your price range…

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Your price range for a new canoe is unrealistic in my opinion. I have no idea what new canoe(in any length) you could find in the 350 to 400 dollar price range.
Even if you find one for 400 dollars, I think the quality of the canoe would be extremely poor, at best.

If I were you, I would endeavour to perservere through this winter, using the 17 footer you currently have. I'd save my money, and in the Spring, I'd look for a decent, used boat in the 700 dollar price range.

For 700 dollars, and with a little effort, you should be able to find a nice canoe. Add a little luck to the equation, and you could find a "really" nice one. In the past I have purchased a Bell Wildfire, Wenonah Rendezvous, Mad River Freedom Solo, Mohawk Solo 14, Old Town Penobscot 15, Old Town Discovery 158 (among others) for less than 650 dollars each. A couple of them were less than 600 dollars. Most were in excellent condition; a couple of them were just like new.


Yes, but not a good one
Go to Sam’s or one of the other big box stores.

They throw in the paddle, PFD and kitchen sink with them too.

The good ones will start above your price range.

One other option is to check around for local builders who don’t advertise.

I know of one in Virginia that builds nice fiberglass ones and I assume there are a lot of them around just like the guys that like to build kayaks.



tried this ?
I agree whole-heartedly w/ all replies above.

As an alternative to acquiring another canoe, have you tried paddling your 17 “backwards” from the bow seat ? Place all (or @ least your heaviest) gear “behind” the stern seat to get boat closer to trim. You could also install a temporary kneeling thwart a bit closet to center. These methods should give you more control of your 17 & work fine for paddling modest distances in mild wind.

hmmm - inflatable OK?
I think the cheapest boats out there are Mohawk or Indian River or Coleman. The Mohawk and indian Rivers look to be around $600 or a bit less. The Coleman and Cabelas sites show inflatables in your price range and if all you need is a boat to float you out for fishing maybe an inflatable will work fine for you…it won’t paddle very efficiently for covering any distance.


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Mohawk Solo 13 in R84 layup is listed at $665.00 on Mohawk's website.
The Solo 13 in Royalex is listed at $680.00.

I'm pretty sure that price does not include taxes.
I know it does not include shipping charges. Shipping from Tennessee to eastern Virginia would probably be in excess of $175.00.

So, either boat is pushing the $850.00 mark(if not more) when all costs are taken into consideration.


Afordable 14 footer
I really like the Mad River explorer 14 TT. It’s only 72 pounds so it it light for a poly three layer hull. It paddles like a dream solo and at about $600 a few years ago is as cheap as you’ll find a boat this light and easy to paddle. You might as well try to buy a new car for $400 as a new canoe that paddles well solo.

If you can lift and carry you old canoe just fine rigging the boat you have for rowing might be a better answer to your problems.

To find out how look in the Yahoo rowing group below:


For a used one, you might be in luck…

…check with your local canoe livery. They are often

getting rid of their used boats to make room for new


If you are careful, you can sometimes find pretty decent boats.

Just one problem with that:

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Canoe liveries never have solo canoes, only tandems. At least, I've never seen a solo canoe, or a tandem under 16 feet, for rent anywhere.

there are liveries that

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have them but they are rare.

Algonquin Outfitters and Temagami have them but thats out of how many hundred?

Mohawks Solo 14 is a decent tripping canoe at around 40 lbs. Far better than the Mad River model mentioned which is not a dedicated solo.

One Possibility
The Mad River Explorer 14TT is about 14’6" and from the bow seat and the canoe turned arround it makes a decent solo; especially for “Tripping” with 350-400 lbs. If you watch, you can pick them up for about $500 new, and there’s one new on E-bay right now that’s got got a $399 starting price. A couple people have “Modified” the hull into a solo hull; me and “Packhorse” here on P.net. Here’s a link. WW


I know you said new,but used royalex 13’ wenonah sandpipers are sometimes in this price range or under and are not a bad boat.being royalex they are almost always structally fine if that is what your’e worried about.


Explorer 14tt
I just sold mine using Craigslist. I sold it for $350. It was used but in great shape. It’s a fun little boat.

I guess the point is that you can find a used, like-new boat in your price range with a bit of research. Good Luck.

Different functions of the canoe point to different hull designs…

“I want it new”, I have my reasons ??
… deermaster , you said if we want to know why , you’d give those reasons .

OK , why new only ??

why new
i want it new so i can have all the paper work needed to get it registered for use with a motor. i am trying to figure out what to get for duck hunting, and duck hunting often involves some windy paddling, so a trolliing motor would help me get to where i need to go on somewhat windy days. in va, even if its only an electric motor, the boat must have a title and be registered.

Check with your local DNR

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I would be surprised if they would refuse to licence your boat just because you don't have any of the original paperwork. Our DNR is happy to take my money for such things. I'm sure your DNR will find a way, even if their "official" guidelines only provide instructions for dealing boats of much greater value. Powerboats are viewed much like cars by regulatory agencies, and they want to know who all the owners have been, but they will cut corners for cheap craft like canoes. Bottom line: they will license your boat to get your money, and since most of the folks there really DO believe they are in the field of public service, to avoid giving you something to gripe about.

Saw a used Wilderness Systems
Tsunami 120 out of Rhode Island for 450. Like new. Think it was on Craig’s List eastern Connecticut. Good boat for smaller paddler. Try 125 if you’re larger human.