What is an Old Town Predator canoe

I bought a canoe yesterday that I can’t identify. It’s Royalex. Very similar in size to a camper. 2005 model. It has camo laminate inside and out. Not sure of the camo style name but it is reedy. I assume it would be directed to duck hunters. Has the Old Town scroll on the side and Predator on the end where it should say camper. Any is idea where this came from. Thanks, Chris

Probably made of PolyLink3, NOT Royalex.
Proposed usage; fishing boat, square sterned/suitable for a 5 hp motor.
Dressed up in camo, so you can be a “stealthy” fisherman.
Camo might be handy if you used the boat for duck hunting?

Google is your friend.


Thanks Bob. Not square stern and definitely Royalex. Same weight as the other camper I have. But slightly narrower and deeper than the Camper. Camo is Advantage Wetlands. All the google searching I can do doesn’t turn up anything about this canoe.

Perhaps call OT?

Obviously there are 2 different Predators? The one I found online was PolyLink 3 & was square sterned. Maybe what you have is Johnson Outdoor’s “knockoff” of the original Old Town Camper with a Predator label instead of Camper? I’m just guessing…

If I remember correctly; an old paddling buddy owned a Royalex Camper, made by Old Town.
He & his wife used it as a tandem.
It had great stability; I can remember poling it solo.


P.S. Take a look at on original Old Town Camper, posted for sale in Pnet classifieds.


Are you certain it’s not the same specs as the Camper? Did you measure it or put them side by side? Old Town made some royalex OT Campers in a marsh grass, wetlands type camo. I saw one at Bass Pro Shops a loooong time ago and it was camo inside and out. I remember seeing them sold by LL Bean and Cabela’s too. I did not think they used the term “Predator” on that model, but… They DID, use the term “Predator” on multiple boats, including the OT Loon 138 in camo; I know, I owned one. So it is probable they “Badged” the camo Camper as a “Predator?” Here’s a link to a photo I found on the internet of one:

That is the same canoe. Dark wood and all. It even has dark seat bolts and washers. The dimensions are slightly different but that could be because the Camper is a 1986 and the Predator is a 2005. The length is exactly the same. Predator is 1.5” narrower and 2” deeper.
Thanks Webb.