what is gunkholing?

always been curious about that

low draft boat
exploring shallow inlets

Gunkhole In Miami
A Gunkhole is also a cheap, run down live aboard marina, like the infamous Gunkhole in Miami, or the late and lamented Gunkhole in Suisun City, California. Not many of them left in the US

i’m glad the mature folks weighed in before me, i had something else in mind…

In the Chesapeake region Capitol of
Gunkholing. A gunkhole is a shallow inlet and, as LeeG said, gunkholing is exploring the same.

The intreague of gunkholing is that deep draft motor cruisers and full keeled sailboats cannot enter true gunkholes. As a result they are quiet, usually undeveloped and offer fine oportunities to relax, spend the night or discover wildlife. As Stavemaker said the larger boats must launch a smaller boat, canoe, kayak or dingy to go gunkholing. I have a 22 ft sailboat that sleeps 4 that with the keel cranked up draws only 11 inches and is therefore classified as a gunkholer.

It’s holing with gunk

So if a guy goes gunkholing
You can call him a gunkholer ?

Has to be…
…that blind date I had in 1976…

And because of that no girl
has dated you since!



just so.

Turn off your “safety”…
and Google the word. It’s absolutely heinous and disgusting and anyone who speaks the word, let alone puts it on a paddling website, ought to be hogtied and tickled with a featherduster until their gunkhole opens up involuntarily.

Thanks for corrupting the once sunny part of my mind. The childhood memories of riding a two-wheeler for the first time when my father let go of the seat have now been replaced with uncensored internet “gunkholes”.

When you get curious about “maytagging” and “ferrying”, do me a favor: keep it to yourself.

not me

sharpies, Trimble, Bolger
whole buncha cool boats. Have you seen a Norseboat?



Gunk holing
Is it anything like noodling?

Hmm sort of like noodling, only internal