What is it worth?

I have Handmade 18’ Guillamot Night Heron, low deck, strip built sea kayak. Made from Cider, Cyprus, Basswood, and Mahogany. Comes with Greenland inuate style paddle.

This kayak has never been used.Can anyone tell me what it is worth?

Probably somewhere between a couple hundred and a couple thousand dollars depending on how well it was built. Home jobs can be tough to sell. I see a lot of them spending a long time in the classifieds in my area. They’re sort of white elephants in a market of brand name plastic and composite kayaks. Add to that the likelihood that they were built by someone with little experience . . .

Not saying this is the case with your boat, just saying that these are the factors that affect the value of a home-made wood boat. Pros sell these for a few thousand, but the same boat by an amateur probably can’t hope to get a quarter of that.

I would have to say
Probably a maximum of $150.

If you can get it close to the Cabelas in Pa.,I would probably give you $200 for it.

Nate Hanson
This was this guys first one, but he is a master woodworker, and it was made ith the utmost persision. Is it possible it could be worth $6,000 ?

How do you figure the price of labor?

Price of materials plus $2-$5-$20 an hour labor?

Start high and keep going down to a price you can live with,If anybody is interested.

As with anything…
It’s worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it.

Material cost was probably in the $1000 range. Build time was probably at least a couple of hundred hours, so depending on what you think is a fair rate for labor, he could easily have a couple of thousand dollars in labor costs invested.

But if the best offer you get is $800, that’s what it is worth in that time and place.

The trick is finding a buyer who values what you’re offering.

Can you elaborate?
The short answer is … Yes, BUT.

It is possible that it is worth $6k but the market for that level of detail and precision is extremely small.

I think that something like that would most likely be purchased as a work of art. In addition, I think it’s safe to say that such a purchase is not realistic for most readers of pnet.

it’s worth what someone will pay for it.
If he can find someone to pay $6000 for it, then that’s what it’s worth. I’d be suprised if there were many people out there willing to pay that, but there are probably a few who will pay that much for just the right boat. I think a few of the well-known premier builders get that much for cedar strip kayaks.

But calculating how much time it took doesn’t determine what it’s worth. That just determines what it cost. Cost and worth are often distant cousins.

Redfish Kayaks

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Are strip-built in Port Townsend, Wa. Joe will sell one built by the master himself starting at $8,000.

Another strip builder located in Vancouver Canada (http://www.orcaboats.ca ) sells his display models at about $4,000 Cdn and up.

The last time I saw a stitch-and-glue for sale it was a used Pygmy Coho and they were asking $1,800. It was in very good shape but of course there is a world of difference between a stripper and s&g.

Take a look at their websites and then decide what you think the one you have is worth TO YOU. Note that these guys don't sell a lot of their boats: they mostly run courses for do-it-yourselfers and provide expert advice and shop space c/w tools and raw materials. Consider that when you set a price for it; more than a few folk figure that they can make a profit by building and selling kits... they generally end up doing something else for income!

Historically that design in strip sells for between $1200 and $1800. In S&G it sells for a bit less. It absolutely will not sell for $6000 unless specifically comissioned by someone ahead of time.

If cider is in the mix…
must taste pretty good.

Why sell a handmade boat? They atrract a lot of attention and it impresses the ladies.