What is my boat made out of?

I have a 1989 Wenonah Advantage (http://www.wenonah.com/Marathon/Models/Advantage.html)

that I am thinking about selling. I’m trying to get an idea of what it might be worth, and I was trying to find out what it is made of. They now make this boat in 3 different layups. My boat just says Kevlar (Aramid) on the side.

It doesn’t have a foot brace installed, but it came with one that I can put in. I got this canoe from my father, and it is in perfect condition. A few scratches on the bottom, but other than that its unbelievable it is from '89.

Any thoughts on what this boat is worth?


You want to know what it;s made of?
If “My boat just says Kevlar (Aramid) on the side.”, I would think it is uh, Kevlar maybe? :slight_smile:

Perhaps I misunderstood the question.

Hey, your name’s not Pamlico is it? :slight_smile:

got no rocker
makes it worthless to me.Kevlar and granite don’t mix either. Hopefully someone else will give a less stupid answer than this one so you can sell this memory of your father. My son just asked if he could have the canoe he’s paddling when he grows up. I said, “it’s already yours, long as you don’t sell it for no CRACK.”

it’s either

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'kevlar ultra' light which has a foam core in the bottom and additional side ribs coming out of that and going up to the gunnels or 'kevlar flex' core which has a flexing core laminated into the bottom (no side ribs).
Do you have a serial #/ proof of purchase (no offence but boats without serial plate or trade history don't sell well)? Picture of the interior? Where is the canoe (state)?

As to the worth: depends on how she looks-
hard to say without seeing her....
Usually you start out with 50% of current MSRP and deduct from there for any repairs, scratches, etc...

Wenonah Construction
One way to tell the construction is to look in the bilge. The Flex-Core layup will appear smooth. The bilge in an Ultralight core boat will appear as sort of an elongated diamond shape with short side ribs for reinforcement. The Ultralight costs more initially so it would be worth more now.

Different layups
Wenonah uses two different Kevlar layups that have significant differences in weight and durability. I think that’s what the original poster was trying to figure out.

Where are you located?
If your somewhere within a couple hundred miles of central Illinois (Urbana), I may be interested.

No Flex Core in 1989
Kevlar Solos were built in Core-Stiffened, now Ultra Lite, and Center Rib contruction. As stated above, the Core-Stiffened construction has foam ribs that run from the bottom core up the sides to the gunwales. The old Center-Rib construction had an internal foam rib that ran from bow to stern along the keel line. The bottom had no core, but did have many layers of cloth in about the same pattern as the core-stiffened models. Tandems were built in a cross- rib Kevlar construction, but i never saw a solo built in that construction.


In NW Arkansas
I’m located in NW Arkansas, but make trips to SE Missouri semi-frequently.

Thanks for all of the information! We are selling the boat so that we can put the money towards 2 new boats (hopefully Mohawks).