What is the appropriate way to

repack a throw bag so that it pays out the line without snagging/tangling?

socks and shoes
first part in is the last part out

last part in is the first part out

Try this method…

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If you are right handed...........

This probably sounds over complicated but isn't; hold the top lip of the bag with your left pinky, ring, and middle finger. Use your left index finger & thumb to spread the top of the bag open as wide as possible.

With the rope laying on top of your right shoulder;
use your right hand to pull, and then stuff the rope back into the bag. Pull/stuff, pull/stuff till you're finished.

The rope is less likely to get tangled using this method than restuffing the rope into the bag using nice, neat little coils. Especially with a stiff rope.

I believe the idea is a result of the reasoning behind "stacking" a climbing rope. A climbing rope that is "stacked" (loosely piled on top of itself) will play out easier & be less likely to tangle than if nice, neat coils of rope are stacked on top of each other.

That's what I was taught in swiftwater rescue & cave rescue training.

Whatever works for you, and the person needing the thrown bag is the "best" method.

I've had a couple of hundred satisfied customers.


Thanks guys!!!