What is the best boat for beginner/inter

I am looking for a good beginner/intermediate kayak that is forgiving, stable, and predictable. (I paddled a Stubby a few years back and loved it.) I want a boat that surfs well and allows me to work into more advanced play. What’s your suggestion and why?

About me: 5 foot 11 inches, 170 pounds, 32 inch inseam, 32 inch waist

If you leave off the “beginner” and
go to the “intermediate” and if you have the bucks, I would suggest a QCC-700.

It will make an advanced paddler out of you in one season.

Although I don’t know what you mean when you say “forgiving”

If you plan on tipping the yak over, that will be your fault not the yaks?



se kayak river kayak
what do you want to do.

I assume you are talking WW
Take a look at the Jackson Fun series. They are excellent river runners, good for moderate play, and roll like a dream. They are also moderately priced.


There are lots of other possibilities as well, both new and used. I just think the Jackson boats are a really good buy.

Sorry for any confusion in my post. I am a white water kayaker. Most of the time, I play in waves and kayak parks but occasionally will do a river–class 3 or less.

I have a Sleek, by WaveSport I believe, but just don’t enjoy the boat. The nose is huge and bulbous so you can’t initiate anything vertical. The tail is low-volume, dish-shaped and is always being grabbed by the current. (I HATE THE GRABBING. I feel like like I have no control over the boat.) The bottom is round, so flat-spins are out.

I liked the stubby because I was in control. When I wanted to do something I could, and the water wasn’t always grabbing the boat.

I’m looking for a boat that is similar to the Stubby, but does flat spins easier than the Stubby. I want a boat that will allow me to throw it around, learn some new moves, but will forgive the stupidity of a novice. (Did I mention my desire for world peace?)

So what the best boat?


Btw, thanks for your willingness to help.

I have no idea about a stubby,
Wavesport EZ series are popular for downriver and play. I like the I:3 by Pyranha for the same reason but can never spell it. I would say the I:3 is faster. The EZ’s are slow. YOu would fit into one of their boat sizes. I would say both styles provide good stability and offer lotsa fun. To get some more input you might want to post your question to Boatertalk.

Sleek Is By New Wave

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which is really ole school, displacement hull. An older, planing hull that does surf well (including ocean waves) and allow you to squirt, do enders and cartwheels is the Riot Dominatrix series: Dom 44, 50 and the derivative Trickster (48 gallons) and Prankster (52 gallons). All these boats are just short of 8' long. Which one depends on your weight on size. Necky's Witch and Switch also know to surf well and have playability. Necky Zip with its sharp chines and concave size walls is really more a ocean wave boat and folks using it on the river note that it's not that forgiving for play.

The Stubby is short for it's volume (7'5" to 52 gallons) and I suspect that it's the not a great "surfer". But with a heavy enough person, I bet it can get sunk on the ends and be thrown around for playmoves but even here the rounded deck won't be conducive to planing down below the surface for a lighter paddler. In other words, it would be hard boat to play for a smaller person. It looks to be more a river runner as opposed to a "river play" boat.

If you want a relative newer boat that will play and surf well, consider the Riot Techno and the Necky Vibe and Chronic.