What is the best use of my tongue?

I am getting a utility-style kayak trailer (a 5x8 foot utility trailer converted to a kayak trailer by professional welder) and it has a 7 foot tongue. It has an A-frame design (i.e. two horizontal stabilizer bars coming off it back to underneath the trailer bed).

Any trailer experts out there have an idea about best means to use this tongue? Do you diamojnd plate it for a flat carrying space? Anyone enjoy a tongue box? Brand? Carry Propane tank and grill? Any other ideas appreciated.

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A nice flat surface here is perfect to do wat you want with it. Add a box, well vented for air flow while you go down the road. Suggest thinking modularly so different thins will all work. Be they a few milk crates to an over priced x brand roof box. If “T” weight allowed, suggest putting the propane tank close to hitch since it is small / round ( should not interfere w/ backing or tight turns, will take up less storage real estate + be close to tail gate ( cooking ) if you have a truck. Just keep those safety chains from whipping … ting, ting … BOOM !


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a empty trailor, You want the tongue weight around 40 to 60 pounds.....same when loaded....

consider what a box or some propane tanks will do for the tongue weight before doing it.

You want to be able to wheel the trailor by hand either empty of fully loaded.

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Sorry I re-read the title...this post has to do with a Trailors tongue.....Your tongue might need more than 40 to 60 pounds weight on it ....not sure...You be the judge of what keeps it from bouncing up and down....but still able to be moved when fully loaded

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Trailer storage box
My canoe hauler is a converted single axle boat trailer with a flat aluminum diamond plate deck and steel trees to carry four canoes. I wanted a deck to help prevent road debris from bouncing up and hitting my nice boats. I mounted a pickup truck cross body box on the back of the trailer to carry (and store)the PHD’s, tie down straps, rope etc. I got the box at a garage sale cheap, it even locks so I don’t have to worry as much. I mounted it on the back, well behind the axle, so it would reduce the tongue weight on the car. I have also, at times, mounted a four bike rack on the tongue so I can carry all the toys. That however dose add tongue weight. I intend to make a plywood box for the trailer long enough to carry all the paddles so they don’t have to be in the car. That I will mount behind the axle as well.


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First and foremost, you don’t want anything permanent that would get in the way of loading your boat(s).

Diamond plate might be a little heavy for an 8 foot trailer with a 7 foot tongue, especially if it’s a single axle. You probably already have plenty of tongue weight, so if you make a flat surface there, maybe use 5/16 inch plywood and let it taper down with the tongue towards the hitch. You don’t want it to be albe to get into your bumper/tailgate when turning tight.

I like to keep my tongue clean. I have a wheel jack and a spare tire on my 4x8 utility trailer. Then again, my tongue is under 4 feet, so not much room for anything else.


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Some serious good advice on here. I never really thought about tongue weight, but I can see that is a factor, such as using Diamond plate versus plywood. I may just cut and paint up some plywood with bolted on tie-downs and then be able to place whatever I want on there, strapped down. Or nothing at all, plus it’ll save rock throws, as stated. Not certain how I will apply the plywood securely to the tongue and angle pieces as I hate to drill into the tongue–perhaps U bolts.

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Too light a tongue weight and the trailer will not track properly. Weight should be 60% in front of the axle for proper towing.

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