What is the best way to store your kayak

I am getting a '99 aquaterra sealion and I have limited space in my garage. I have wall space and was thinking of mounting straps from the wall, so that the boat will remain suspended and safe from deforming.

I would welcome any advice on storage techniques that people might have.



Two options

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See my shed layout: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2178/2301468407_3ef78a9039.jpg?v=0

The wall brackets, I got at Home Depot, and foam saddle blocks slide right on them. The wooden rack is on casters, and can be moved to get at the sailboat. I made the wooden one out of scrap plywood, 1 X 4's, and some foam pipe insulation to pad the kayak. Both work well.

Straps work very well, too. I find the brackets are easier to hang up the boats solo, though.

If it is, you want it to rest so that the weight falls towards the side, not on its hull. The deck is often pretty resistent to deforming in plastic boats too, but I don’t know about this particular boat and the plastic used.