What is the difference?

What is the difference between the pelican castaway 130 and the pelican castaway 116. I want to buy one but the 116 is $30 more than the 130?

I’m not sure
However, I would be wary of purchasing a Pelican brand kayak. Their quality of manufacture has not left me with a favorable impression. You would do well to try to find a used Swifty or Otter for the same money.

  • Big D

agree with Big D
The only kayak I’ve ever seen punctured was a Pelican SOT. It wasn’t a pleasure for them to paddle either as it was all over the place on the water.

You’ll be much better off searching for a used kayak from Wilderness, Native, Hurricane, etc…

The only thing I can figure without looking it up is the 130 is probably a sit in type and the 116 is a sit on top. My fishing buddy uses the 116 which is 11’-6" long sit on top. He has used if for about three years now and as long as you are not doing any white water and you take reasonable care you would probably be alright.They are a little thin and flexible for me but he hasn’t had any trouble other than I catch more fish than he dose HA HA!!! They are a good starter boat but he wishes he had spent more money in the beginning and just bought the boat he really wanted.

Looking it up…

As guessed, one is longer and heavier than the other.