What is the finest touring kayak paddle

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Tell me. What is the finest high angle touring sea kayak paddle available?

a wing paddle
Ryan L.

There isn’t
From my own experience you can’t go wrong with Epic, Werner or Aquabound, they are all great quality paddles.

But testing as many paddles as you can would be the best option :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, the Epic Relaxed Tour
full carbon with burgundy shaft.


on who you ask.

My favorite is Epic full carbon Active Tour. Many I know use Werner either Cyprus or Ikelos. Many feel Onno makes the best.

I am a big fan of Swift paddles

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Their Sea Swift touring, or their newer and even more agressive high angle design the Skookum, are great paddle designs without the limitations of a wing.

You don't hear them hyped a lot. You don't need to. They are just a good solid paddle that delivers much on performance. Everyone who tries one seldom goes back.

I like my ONNO
Jack L

My own homemade GP’s
Of course, they’re not available to the public, and there are maybe 8-10 in existence… :wink:

Selecting the “best” equipment in any
sport is going to be like selecting a favorite piece of clothing before its purchased. Every body is different and items fit depending on ones personal shape, weight, and movement.

My preference is toward Advanced Technology paddles, but not all their models. We have several different brands for family and friends, some high end also, but they don’t quite fit my style of paddle strokes. All the others mentioned are also worthy of their reputations.

I prefer to try before I buy, if possible.

Good luck in your search.

It’s like violins
At a certain level they are all good. It comes down to how well the blade etc suits your paddling.


I like Pat’s touring paddle. It is unreal light and it seems more stable in the water than any other I have tride. I also have his wing but prefer the tour for everyday paddling. The price is great too!

I certainly like mine!

For Me
Again… for me… a custom made Lumpy GP. High angle; low angle; it don’t matter. It is THE tool… for me… to roll and brace with as well as motor my kayak.

Best for whom?
I’ve tried so many “best” recommended by others that works out terribly for me, I now only ask what “their favorate” is and use that as a starting point…

I have two such personal favorates: the Epic Relax Tour and the Epic Active Tour. I change between them depends on whether I’m paddling down wind or up wind. :wink:

Thahks for the replies
You are all correct obviously, I should have asked what is your favorite paddle. I am a fan of high quality paddles and in the open canoe world I know what is out there and what I like. But the kayak world is new to me and I don’t have a clue what is out there for high end paddles. Thanks for all the input. Huge help.

OK - my fave is the Werner Cyprus

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for Euros anyway. It is very popular with a lot of people around here. I also have the Epic Active Tour, which is a lovely paddle, but the blade is so big it is inefficient for me compared to the better suited size of the Cyprus.

Carbon signature Mid Tour - my favorite by far

My ONNO wing
I have other nice paddles both Euro and GP but I prefer the wing. Another good brand is Epic. For a review of the top brands look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SRcqASOlnk

size vs make
"I also have the Epic Active Tour, which is a lovely paddle, but the blade is so big it is inefficient for me compared to the better suited size of the Cyprus."

The smaller brother of Epic Active Tour is the Epic Relaxed Tour.

Almost all manufacturers offer 3 or more size of basically the same paddle. So if you like a particular make but wish it has a different size blade, there’s probably another offering right there.

Most people either like or dislike a particular make. Then choose the right size blade from there. For example, I like the Lendle blade but found them too heavy on average. Werner doesn’t appeal to me as much as Epic.

I started out with the Epic Relaxed Tour. (I had no illution of my arm strength) Then I decided I’d like to have a slightly larger blade when I’m running down wind. Since I already like the Epic style of blade and shaft, I just hunted down the Active Tour (used, took a few month of hunting) without needing to test it. It worked out exactly as I expected: a Epic with a larger blade.