What is the Monongahela River flow rate

With several upcoming trips, I am trying to find out the flow rate of the mon river in either knots or miles per hour. Any ideas on how to find this out. I realise that rain or drought will change the rate, I am looking for the average flow rates. Is there a place where I can find the rates over the last few years. I know I am reaching for the stars but you never know until you ask.

The other info I am seeking is the average weather conditions over the last few years few years. You know info like Temp, rain fall ect.

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Monongahela River Flow Rate
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers posts the flow rates of Pittsburgh river under navigation. You can also check the U.S. Weather Bureau site for Pittsburgh for the flow rates of the three rivers. The weather bureau site did have real time cams for viewing the rivers at various places 3 years ago.

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I have looked at those sites just last nite. Thanks for the info.

US Geological Survey
USGS has water data for all states. PA’s is:


Thanks for the info.
Boy I guess I should have done alittle more research before posting this. I since have found a whole slew of places that trak just about anything you can think of. I am currently compiling a list of these site and will post them when I got my ^#^$# together. Again thanks for the post.

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