What is the part a rudder fits into when folded called?

Hello all.
I just picked up 2 kayaks both with rudders. One has a rubber “cradle” which I would like to replace just because it’s so small, and the other one has a “cradle” that’s torn and non-functional. I can fabricate what I need for replacements, but it would be easier to buy them. However I am unsure if such parts are sold, and I don’t know what the part is called so I don’t know what to search for on line. I call it a cradle, but that’s just a guess.

Suggestions? Advice?

Mine is a gray thang but that’s no help.

A few different examples available here:

Rudder parts

Cool. It’s called a rudder rest.

Current Designs sells them too. Depends on deck shape which one is best. They use to bolt on then they went to glueing them on.

Personally, I like rudder ‘blade catcher’ since it sounds kind of dangerous.

Now I understand, a rudder and rudder rest! For all these years, I actually thought it was a guillotine for fish and small game. I can stop sharpening the blade each spring.


Just to be different, I made my own out of two short pieces of plastic pipe on my super-duper-beater kayak. Kinda makes it look like the engines on an A10 Warthog.



Yep, I can see that…
Extra points if you have a GAU-8 on the nose!

If you used significantly longer pieces of pipe, they could be used as a spare paddle holder - dual purpose.

I like that!

What a good idea rsevenic.