what is this bungie on my kayak for ?


what purpose does the little hoop in the middle of my kayak serve?

bottle holder?
Guessing from the shape and size of the recess below it, I would tend to use it to keep my water bottle from rolling around in the boat.

For the water bottle! (nm)

beer securer.

didn’t even think of that… bottle holder… d’oh


I’m thinking grey thing

br, so was I.

That’s it, you know
The grey thing ejector.

that’s where you keep the
personal relief fluids bottle. External catheter sold separately.

I thought
that’s what scupper holes are for.

…that’s why I have a bilge pump…:wink:

Now that sounds potentially crippling!

you and Austin Powers :wink:

Note to self
Never, ever borrow a kayak from SuperT. NEVER.

that depends on how hung you are