What is this deck fitting called and where can I get new ones?

I recently acquired a rather beat-up Tahe Marine Greenland kayak. Two of these fittings for the perimeter lines broke, and I want to replace them. Can anyone tell me what the proper name for them is and where I might source them? Thanks!

Kayak deck fittings

It’s called a star cleat. TopKayaker has a big section of fittings.

Thanks! Now just gotta figure out which will fit right.

The ebay looks like a direct replacement. Perception might be a source. TopKayaker is out of stock. Thr Sea-Lect deck guide would probably work and looks a bit more substantial.

It’s hard to tell which ones would be sturdiest. I most trust TopKayaker for sure.

Check the measurements provided at this link to confirm fit of the Sea-lect line guides to your Tahe.

If one of them got bad enough to break, the others are probably also close to failure.

I would buy the set and replace all of them, just to be safe.


Yes, thanks, I intend to replace all of them. The Sealect ones heatfmg linked to above are also sold by TopKayaker, which gives me more confidence in their quality. I’ll measure.