What is this kayak?

This is for sale locally. The hull shape reminds me of a K1 olympic kayak. I note that it has thigh straps but not only no seat, it lacks the standard location pad eyes to mount a seat. I’m so curious what it is and what it’s about!

Looks a lot like a Cobra Eliminator, though they came with a rudder. They really do need that rudder

The seat is there, just no backrest, which isn’t needed for racing, which this kayak appears to be designed for.

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From above it does have the same general shape as the Eliminator. That’s what seems odd to me, that shape says performance but the overall look of the kayak doesn’t, really.

pictured: Cobra eliminator

Most definitely not the Cobra Eliminator. That boat did not have that style of foot well. Maybe a Cobra Expedition with everything missing(?) Whatever it is it seems like it is a plug and not a real boat. PS - If anyone has an Cobra Eliminator they’d like to sell let me know!

Not a Cobra Expedition, had one of those a few years ago. The shape looks like an old WW down river racer, with the tight straps


It is definitely an odd duck. I’m thoroughly interested in knowing what this thing is. It might be a prototype of something really cool that never happened.

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I am also leaning towards a prototype. Cobra is a New Zealand company, so America hasn’t seen all they have done.

New Zealand does have an almost rabid fascination with downriver racing, it might be a trainer for that.

That ain’t no “performance” kayak, let alone an Olympic K1.

It is a Prijon Twister, 26” wide!!! Just under 10’ long, IIRC. I bought a used one for $100 many moons ago, like in 2004 or thereabouts. It was described as being a WW SOT. I later sold it for $75.

Mine was the same color.

They do NOT need a rudder. The shape, shortness, and thigh straps plus paddler and blade take care of maneuvering.


If you’re in NorCal, there actually is one for sale in the Sacto Area.