What is this Pyranha?

I just purchased a kayak, but am not sure what model or how old it is. It has ‘Pyranha’, FreeStyle’, and ‘WhiteWater’ in red letters on the hull. It is 12’ 1" long, with a very pointed bow and stern. It has a removable, fixed skeg which can be slipped on the pointed stern. The boat is 24 1/2" wide, with a cockpit 15 1/2" wide by 27" long. It has Yakima foot rests. Any ideas?

Pyrahna freestyle
It’s a Pyrahna Freestyle from the late eighties, I knew someone who paddled one back then.

From memory they have a fairly flat hull shape which would have made them more freestyle oriented than the Dancers most people were paddling at the time.Freestyle has changed a bit since those days, back then about the coolest move was a popup and point.

old school whitewater boat that sorta competed with the Perception Dancer and Prijon T-Slalom. Alder Creek was started with a Seda (Pyranha importer at the time) dealership and we got the first 3 in the Northwest. They first were brought here in 1986.

The ends were a bit thin (volume wise) and bent pretty easy when doing enders, the Dancer and Eclipse worked better.

Pretty good technical river runner, somewhat of a slalom-ish design. The additional skeg was funny. like you’d ever actually put it on/off on a trip. had a little shock cord attachment.


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