What is this telling me?

American Whitewater has recently undergone a site change and this is now what I see when looking for info on Craig Creek, VA:

What is r.c. telling me?


r.c.= run creek?

It’s a dry creek or they haven’t turned the Gage back on.

@string said:
It’s a dry creek or they haven’t turned the Gage back on.

It’s certainly not a dry creek. I think it’s an issue with AW’s new site format.

Yeah, it looks like there is an issue with the link to the USGS page. The AW flow tab & the USGS page seem to match.

Is it plugged in?

I think R.C. is probably referring to Rating Curve, which according to the USGS is a drawn curve showing the relation between gauge height and discharge of a stream at a given gauging station. It essentially converts water height (or “stage”) into a volume measurement (“discharge”, usually CFS) Obviously though, I would expect it to vary a little more than it’s showing!

Not liking the update at AW so far! When I click on the flow for a local run here, it shows data from a river in Iowa. I know this is flyover country, but we get a little weary here of the Iowa/Ohio/Idaho confusion…

The USGS data looks useless, overall. Related tot he .gov shutdown?

r.c. is telling you to go directly to the USGS site if you want to know what’s up with your creek :wink:


much of the aw stream info is now "messed up’. In some cases when you hit the stream flow info tab you end up with a link to the wrong gauge (on a totally different stream in a totally different part of the country).

It is pretty obvious to me when they updated and changed the format of national river inventory pages that many of the links did not load correctly

in the case of the op they have the right stream but the data it isn’t showing the way they are used to seeing it. A quick google search of “usgs craig creek virginia” brought up the normal view (in cfs or stage feet). Whenever a gauge remains static i assume that the gauge is down or inaccurate (be it a government shutdown, frozen up, or just not working).

i don’t have a clue what r.c. units are, but note the whole graph is under “related reports” and not stream flow. The current value for Craig creek is 340 cfs and it is not fluctuating. that always makes me suspicous and many streams are not paddleable at 340 cfs although some are.