What is this thing called?

I’ve seen a deck fitting that acts as an exit cover/ shroud for steering cables, wiring, tubing etc., but cannot seem to find it offered anywhere. Basically has 2 screws to mount, black plastic or nylon and a hole that is parallel to the deck. Covers the exit hole and helps keep the elements out. It may actually be a plumbing or electrical part. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.


I’ve never seen a fitting such as you have explained it on any of my ruddered boats. Mine have all had tubing (through which the cable runs) passing either directly through a snug-fitting hole in the deck or had a rubber grommet similar to these linked below around the tube in a larger hole. They are identical to cable grommets I’ve used in electrical work:


That Topkayaker site has 5 pages of rudder fittings and hardware and I did not see anything like what you have described.

Maybe somebody else can ID the ones you are looking for.


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They have a SS 'exit plate', flat or curved variety:


The diameter looks a little big, but maybe having the search term will help find more sizes. For example:


Picture of part
Here’s a link to a picture of the piece I’m talking about. It actually looks like it could be a modified 2 hole lashing hook. (?)


Reverse Goldberg fitting


You do know it’s easier for people to use google as a search engine than to use you as a middleman for google, right? I don’t think anyone comes here expecting you to google everything for them.

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no, the question is a leap frog into vocabulary and search terms that is the OP is up front writing that he lacks the vocabulary and background education…in a specific area…for finding a satisfactory conclusion to his search.

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I’m quite aware of how Google works and did my best to find what I was looking for. I am a relative kayaking neophyte (look it up, if I’m talking beyond your level of education). I was not successful in my search.

I stumbled upon the paddling.net group and thought, “well, here will be a group of friendly, like-minded hobbyists that may be able to enlighten and help me.” I registered as a user and queried (look it up, if I’m talking beyond your level of education) the group.

The first responses seemed to be from people who were truly trying to help. You DO know people can actually be friendly and helpful, right?

NO, I did NOT come here expecting people to “act as” middlemen to search Google for me. You DO know, I hope, that I am quite capable of doing that myself. I DID come here expecting a congenial (look THAT one up, too) group that I could become a part of and an active participant in. Instead, in less that a few hours of signing up with this group, I encounter YOU!

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PS if you look at McMaster, you may find grommets with sleeves that extend past the lip, both insert clearance fit and screw downs.
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