What is this weird spot in my kevlar Bell Magic

I bought a Bell Magic last week that is otherwise in impeccable shape. It’s the kevlar, or sometimes called Kevlight with a green gelcoat. There’s this weird spot on the floor that almost looks like the resin “dried up.” It doesn’t feel any different than the surrounding areas and it doesn’t feel soft or anything. Anyone know what this is?

Not an expert but my guess would be that the cloth is not fully impregnated with resin there and you are looking at air.

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That feels like what I’m seeing. I’m thinking about just laying a thin layer of resin on there, maybe pressing it in a bit and see what happens.

May just be amine blush which is not harmful. Soap and water with a Scotchbrite pad, then dry with towels.

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At a time Bell was using a resin that had a tendency to blush when it came in contact with water for any length of time. The degree to which this happened varied from boat to boat. Take a rag moistened with acetone and lightly rub it over the area. If it goes away it is the water blush I am talking about. But if it is it will likely happen again and possibly in different areas.

Agree…if soap doesn’t work the acetone will…Had to clean nearly the entire interior of a morning star I bought used and acetone was necessary. For a period of time Bell did have a problem with this recurring in boats.

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Amine blush does not affect the structure of the boat. It’s just unsightly.

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I’ve read elsewhere that a seasonal application - wipe on wipe off - of flood penetrol will remedy the bell blush. Need to try on my Morningstar.

I just call it a water stain but if the experts call it amine blush I bet they are right. Flood penetrol will work and will change the color of the interior a bit, you’d have to do the whole interior. I don’t use that stuff because I think its pretty aggressive and melts the resin a little (I’m not sure). I’ve never tried the acetone cleaning but in my experience you can just wipe down the interior with a generous coating of 303 or wipe it down with olive oil. If you use olive oil do it when your wife isn’t around to avoid criticism.

Nice boat!

Good point about whole interior application. If I go that route will try on a test patch

I think a blush. Personally, I’d not look at it and go paddling.

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