What is this?

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Found this on Craigslist and wondering what it is? Any input?


Need a canoe for the MaCKRO races that is cheep and fast.

Have a Perception sea lion sea kayak to trade as well.

looks like a planter

Generally you get cheap or fast, not both.

Bill H.

I know the condition is lousy but it looks like a fast hull.

good looking hull

Might be fast-ish. Looks like it would be nice paddling boat. I’d check it out if it’s not too far.

I thought the same.
Looks from the pics like there might be issues with the gunnels and maybe a small hole and/or patch, but the shot of the inverted hull makes it look like a possibly nifty solo.

Did you ask the seller?
Thant might be a starting point. See if you can get a test paddle.

don’t know about racing fast , but …

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...... but it sure looks like a slippry hull , I'd say it's fast and it's high tech. design says it isn't an everyday puddle jumper either .

Width , weight and material will tell the rest of the story ... I'd check it out quick if it were in my area .

Needs a little TLC but those are the best kind !!

canoe id

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the current owner acquired it in a house sale and knows nothing about it really. He thought it sailed and there was an old town sticker on one of the thwarts but those all look newer than the gunnels.

I’d go take a look at it

It looks interesting enough and the price is decent at the asking, and you could probably do better, if you were standing in front of it.

You Never Know!
Not long ago I found a Bell Flashfire on Craig’s list for a $100.

find the HIN somewhere
on the hull. Hopefully its etched in and not on a plate that was removed.

easy drive once close to Maine
Agreed, I’d check it out asap. Main roads to Belfast.

You lucky dog!

Upton. You’re new here, right?
There were at least five guys looking at maps of Maine within a half-hour of your post. I’m one of them!. ;^)

Good hunting!

ha, what have i done?


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Is that a solo boat with only a kneeling thwart and a clamp on carry-yoke? It is hard to tell in the photo. Good luck with the possible purchase.