what is this?

I just picked up a used Perception Prodigy 12 for local (non-whitewater) rivers…something to bang around in…and not worry about rocky bottoms…

I’ve looked on the web and on the perception site…can’t find it…what is the small shock cord in the following pic for?



Is there
any type of clip or hook near it? It looks like its in the spot for a paddle holder.

A paddle keeper?
I think it might be for holding your paddle when you want to be hands-free, but I could be wrong. Have fun!

There is a little eyelet mounted in the center and an inch or two above it, on the edge of the cockpit. Not clear on what that might be for either. I thought it might be a paddle sling-thingy. The opening is a little narrower then the paddle face…so it would stretch a little, hold a paddle, and not let it float away.

About all I can imagine…?

probably right…

How it works:

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In another post you remarked "The opening is a little narrower then the paddle face..so it would stretch a little". That's not how it works. You don't insert the paddle through the loop. You lay your paddle shaft against the hull and pull both strands of the loop around it, then hook the loop to a little plastic hook that's attached to the hull. This holds the paddle shaft lightly against the hull. If that little hook is gone, you can easily improvise a replacement, or contact the manufacturer for one.

Oh, the hooking part could be on the elastic loop itself instead of on the hull, and in that case it would clip into that eyelet you mentioned (this seems a lot less likely than the situation described above). Either way, it sounds like the hook part of the device is missing.

Paddle keeper, yes
I have them some of my boats

Redfish does the paddle park so the paddle is crosswise on the deck:


The Perception park holds the paddle lengthwise along the side of the boat.

hot damn!

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Thanks guys! That's it! Works perfect.


(I'm a newb..sort of a 'duh' question..but I didn't know :) thx!